Proverbs 27

The possibility of anything we want to do, where we want to go, how things will play out and why things must take place in ‘tomorrow’ is only by the grace of God. Do not boast about tomorrow. Let people validate your achievement and speak about them. Do not try to praise yourself. Stay clearContinue reading “Proverbs 27”

Proverbs 26

Honor is mutual between the old and the young. Those who sow honor will indeed be honored by others and those who sow dishonor will reap dishonor from others. Just like respect, honor is earned and never demanded. Therefore honor everyone for their value and their contributions to whatever cause they are called to functionContinue reading “Proverbs 26”

Proverbs 25

The glory of God is concealed not because He doesn’t want us to see and experience it, but rather to spur an interest in us kings and priests of His kingdom to dig up and search out His glory.   A good leader’s understanding is vast in many subject matters and has a profound depth. AsContinue reading “Proverbs 25”

Proverbs 24

For whatever we desire to build, increase and  establish, let’s ensure these three elements are present: Wisdom is required to build Knowledge is required for constant increase Understanding is required to be established Increase in knowledge will increase us in strength; mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and relationally. Life can present us with a series ofContinue reading “Proverbs 24”

Proverbs 23

Self control, which is an expression of the fruit of the Spirit; applies majorly to three areas in our lives: sexual control, anger control and appetite control. When we are presented with delicacies of food to munch and enjoy before a leader or anyone, we must exercise self-control over what we eat and how weContinue reading “Proverbs 23”

Proverbs 22

Whatever you do or are engaged in, ensure your name is never soiled into an unalterable matter that will impact many that come after you down your generation.   Having all the money, gold, diamonds, rubbies, and silver in the world  will mean nothing and bring no impact, if the person who possesses them has aContinue reading “Proverbs 22”

Proverbs 21

All leaders of the earth are still under the control of the Almighty God.   No number of things sacrificed can make the unjust and wrong actions of a man right and acceptable before God. To obey is better than sacrifice. Ask King Saul.   When we see the wicked punished for their wrongdoing, learn the wisdomContinue reading “Proverbs 21”

Proverbs 20

 The intake of alcohol has been a much-debated issue in the body of Christ. But if we listen to the wisdom of Solomon, we will realize that alcohol is truly a mocker when a person comes under its influence.    Sometimes as followers, we setup our leaders on a high pedestal of expectations. One ofContinue reading “Proverbs 20”

Proverbs 19

Whatever you desire to be or have, ensure you are knowledgeable of everything about and around that desire, so that you don’t miss your way or sin against God.   One of the virtues to look out for in a person who claims to have and walk in wisdom, is patience. A wise person is patientContinue reading “Proverbs 19”

Proverbs 18

How can you tell when someone is unfriendly? One who is unfriendly, only seeks his or her own interest.   Avoid the one who is slack at everything he or she does. That person will slow you down and destroy all you have built over the years. Be discerning of those you bring into your team.Continue reading “Proverbs 18”