Proverbs 27

The possibility of anything we want to do, where we want to go, how things will play out and why things must take place in ‘tomorrow’ is only by the grace of God. Do not boast about tomorrow.

Let people validate your achievement and speak about them. Do not try to praise yourself.

Love isn’t private. Love is always declared publicly. The one who loves you will be bold to show it in the open.

Stay clear of pretentious people. Their potential hurt on you is devastating. Be very mindful of those you allow into your inner space.

Hunger doesn’t know the difference between sweet and bitter.

The nest is the place of comfort, relaxation and safety from challenges. If one seats in the nest for too long, that person will never learn how to fly like an eagle.

There are friends whose presence warms and gladdens your heart. For these ones, keep them close to you. They are indeed treasures in your life. Family and friends are important in anyone’s life. Do not take them for granted.

As long as earth remains, man would be used to teach, correct, encourage, and instruct another man.

Even the Holy Spirit uses people to preach the gospel of salvation to people. Angels will not do this.

It took God to become man (Jesus) to save man. God always uses a man to sharpen another man.

As team members and followers; if it’s in our capacity or the opportunity presents itself to protect the image and life of a good leader, don’t think twice of doing so. Especially when you know that your leader is doing the right thing.

There’s certainly great honor for the one who does this. Let’s gain wisdom from Uncle Mordecai (Queen Esther’s Uncle) who uncovered the plot against King Xerxes. Even though his good deed was recorded and unrewarded immediately. At the timing of God, one night, God caused the king not to sleep well until he opened the book of annals to promote Mordecai from a gatekeeper to one of the top officials in India and also to take the place of Haman.

The life we live, the things we do and how we behave is a report card of the content of our mind (heart) and our thought patterns.

Let’s be careful where we set our gaze on or upon. We should fix our eyes on things that profit us and renew our minds into forming the nature of Christ in our souls. Above all, let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our Faith.

When men praise us, understand that it could be a test of character. Let’s humble ourselves when people praise us.

Foolishness in a person who refuses to change is hard to change. That person needs to come to the point of willingness to exchange foolishness for wisdom.

Leaders do not be fixated on the cloud of leadership. Come down from your cloud and touch base with those you lead from time to time. 

Try to always check on them to know how they are doing and their state of welfare.

As leaders we must understand that we will never occupy a position forever. One day, someone else will replace us and may even do better than what we have accomplished during our tenure.

Therefore, do good, lead well and nurture  those who have been committed under your leadership through the grace of God, and within the timeframe of your leadership.

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A young woman on a mission to discovering purpose, to inspire growth and contribute to the Kingdom mandate. On the blog we are all about learning and growing and this is done through writing on topics from Faith, Education, Music, Food, Travel and so much more... (Romans 12:2)

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