Proverbs 29

For the one who refuses to bend to correction, it is only a matter of time before such a person comes to his or her own destruction.

It is very expensive to maintain and please a ‘side chick’ or ‘lover boy’ that you hide with to satisfy your sinful sexual gratifications. 

A leader who takes a bribe, has set up his or her country, province, city, church, group, team etc. for destruction.

The flattering remarks from people are like a net that traps you from improving or making amendments to your character flaws.

Never be carried away by the good things people say about you. There are still grounds to cover and things to correct. Therefore, always do a personal self examination of your life.

A man of integrity will always be a point of attack or to be killed. 

Therefore, hide under the shadow of the Almighty for protection. 

Most times, the people led by a leader are a reflection of the character of their leader.

Therefore as leaders, we must be true examples of Christ to those who follow our leadership.

Parents, if you think ignoring the stubbornness of your child, while they are young will maintain peace; please think again. 

There will be no peace and rest in your old age when the stubbornness in that child has matured into  rebellion and pride.

Vision is what takes a country, province, city, church, family, team etc. from where they are to a better place or the next level.

A leader without a vision will only lead the people into stagnation, and with time, they will start to regress downwards.

To every leader out there, be a person of VISION.

Ultimately, our vision should be on God and His ways. When this is missing in our lives, we are susceptible to the temptations of satan and prone to being destroyed by sin. 

Our vision on Jesus, prevents us from being swayed by the tricks of the enemy. Let’s always fix our eyes on Jesus, who is able to communicate the life of God to us.

Treat all men well, but ensure that in your relationship with people they are clear and cognizant of their boundaries and rights.

If a person acts as an accomplice to a thief or to someone else to steal, he or she is also a thief.

The fear of man can make a person do things against their will and God’s will.

Fear no man about what they are able to do, only trust and put your confidence in God. Only FEAR GOD.

God who is the supreme judge and the ultimate dispenser of justice can be trusted to fight our cause and be rewarded by men of this earth at the due time.

Bless the day, we gave our hand in marriage to Jesus to become one with Him in our spirit. The day we changed kingdoms to be in a relationship with the Father and submit to the Lordship of  Jesus Christ. Bless that day!

Well, that same day you came into opposition with ways and people of the world. Why? Because of the righteousness of Christ you carry.

Everything you do and say will always be different from the ways of the world. We are longer friends with the world, when we turn to Jesus Christ. 


Mo 🙂

Published by MusingswithMo

A young woman on a mission to discovering purpose, to inspire growth and contribute to the Kingdom mandate. On the blog we are all about learning and growing and this is done through writing on topics from Faith, Education, Music, Food, Travel and so much more... (Romans 12:2)

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