Proverbs 31

It is indeed interesting how Proverbs 31 happens to be an advice from a Queen, a mother to her son, King Lemuel who was looking to get married.

This goes to show how valuable the lessons learnt from this chapter are considering coming from royalty. Let’s not forget that we also come from royalty, having being bought by the blood of Christ the King who has called us as joint heirs.

I used to be one who thought that the Proverbs 31 woman had such high standards that might be difficult for the average woman to attain and maybe some women still do think this way.

I remember when we were about to get married, I had asked Seyi what kind of woman he wanted and without hesitation he said a Proverbs 31 woman and I almost cried, I felt like there was no way I could be her or make him happy then. But boy was I so wrong! If we measure what we do by Bible standards then nothing stops the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman from being our standard. If it came from a royal then what stops me from striving to attain such being a royal myself?

Note that this advice didn’t go from a mother to a daughter but from a mother to a son! Ha! This shows that Proverbs 31 isn’t just for women but also for the man who would assist her in becoming the woman described by the grace of God.

The woman here also signifies the bride; the bride whom Jesus the groom will come soon to take home.

Verse 3- Let us abstain from sexual immorality, flee from sexually perversed people whether as singles or when married.

Verse 4-5– Drinking alcohol has always been a bone of contention in churches. But it is written here that drinking wine isn’t suited for a royal nor for a leader because this has a great influence on their rule and decision making which consequently has a negative impact on their followers. Likewise we as Christians (royals) should not desire to have strong drinks like alcohol. 

Verse 6-7– says to let those who are bitter and troubled have strong drinks to forget their worries. This is a pure indicator that alcohols are not meant for those of us in Christ. Christ has taken away all our troubles, worries and afflictions and in Him we have perfect love and peace thus verse 6 shouldn’t be applicable to a Christian (no matter the current situation). Our hope remains in the promises and the never failing Word of our Father the King.

Verse 8-9– Speak up for the weak and those who are unjustly accused. Let us rise in their defense and ensure they get justice.

Verse 10 – A good woman is a woman of strength, adorned with wisdom and wealth, whose values are worth more than trinkets and  jewels.

Verse 11-12 – She is such whose husband has no single doubt in. She not only comforts her husband but exhorts him daily; devotes her life to bringing him good.

Verse 13 – She is constantly immersing herself in what is pure and righteous; enjoys her work and delights in feeding others with spiritual food from the Word.

Verse 15 – A good woman gets up at night and gets spiritual food for the house; she has her devotion with God in prayer and study of His Word. 

Verse 16 – She is quite prudent with what she buys; she sets her heart on a land and diligently labors and plants on it.

Verse 17- 19 – She is fully clothed in strength and might in all she does. She’s got a wealth of experience and her light never goes dim no matter how dark it gets as she heartily works her hands through her work materials.

Verse 20 – She is kind to the poor and helps those in need.

Verse 21– In winter time, she isn’t worried because she already has her house in order. Clothes and coverings are already catered for in advance while she is clothed. In The Passion Translation (TPT), it says;

"She is not afraid of tribulation, for all her household is covered in dual garments of righteousness and grace."

Verse 22 – Her clothing is well sewn of fine and purple linen; a clothing of royalty.

Verse 23-25 – Her husband is well known and highly respected in the midst of elders. Even her works of righteousness benefit her enemies. She isn’t anxious for the days to come because she is fully adorned in power, honor and excellence.

Verse 26-29 – This woman of excellence is full of kindness and wise teachings, always looking out for her family and tries to be there for their needs in such loving ways that her children are her biggest fans and cheers. Her husband does not hesitate nor withhold himself from hailing and calling her “My numero uno, the best of them all”.

Verse 30-31– These last two verses sing of her praise to the world, encouraging all to give her the credit and honor due to her because she has earned it. Her works of righteousness are to be admired and emulated by all. She isn’t all about the charm and beauty of this world but rather of purity and kindness; a virtuous woman at heart who lives with reverence and fear of our Lord.


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