Proverbs 26

Honor is mutual between the old and the young. Those who sow honor will indeed be honored by others and those who sow dishonor will reap dishonor from others.

Just like respect, honor is earned and never demanded. Therefore honor everyone for their value and their contributions to whatever cause they are called to function in.

Parents ought to be honored. We should never despise them. Let’s seize every opportunity to honor them. By doing so, we are preparing the cloud of honor that will rain on us, when we too become parents.

Do not be afraid of anyone who curses you. As long as there’s no basis for their curse on your end, the curse shall not stand. 

Above all, who can curse the child of the living God, blood-bought by Jesus Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit, no one. 

If they couldn’t curse the children of Israel under the old covenant, how much more under the new covenant.

Run away and reject every attribute and act of foolishness. It is better to be wise. A life of foolishness will take a person nowhere but to ruin.

Laziness finds every means and opportunity to make excuses.

Not everyone that says “I was only joking” meant it actually. Sometimes, they weren’t and sometimes there’s an element of truth in their joke.

There’s a link between gossip and quarrels. The more the gossip, the more the quarrel escalates. But when there’s no gossip, the quarrel can be easily crushed and forgotten.

Don’t always be carried away by the words from the lips of people. As we know, we have smooth talkers and sweet mouths amongst us. So be more desirous to know the intentions of a man’s heart and not just what they say.

The one who lied against another never loved that person. Be careful of those you call friends or buddies. 

We should never be caught in the web of those that flatter us. We should always be honest and true to  ourselves.


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