Proverbs 1

Purpose of a Proverb

The book opens up by stating what we can benefit and learn:

1. To gain wisdom

2. To get instructions for living

3. To gain understanding

4. To have deeper insights

5. To know how to be prudent

6. To receive knowledge

7. To learn how to be discrete

One verse from this chapter that strikes me the most is verse 7:

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction"

The writer of this proverb couldn’t have stated this better. We live in a time when people have no regard for God or even believe that He exists.

To fear God doesn’t mean we should be afraid or scared of Him, it simply means to reverentially love and honor Him above everything else. Our reverential love and honor for Him aligns us to receive wisdom and instruction.

Bad Influence

Proverbs 1 verses 8 -19, gives us a scenario of a father and mother giving warnings against rolling and mingling with the wrong group of friends whose ways are filled with evil and sin.

Many young people who had a promising and glorious destiny have been led astray by the wrong company.  If we will succeed in this life, it’s very important that we are intentional about those we make our close buddies.

We must have close friends who love Jesus and those who share our kingdom values. Our circle of influential friends should be those who mean us well, who encourage us at all times and will help us fulfill our lives’ endeavors.

Wisdom is calling

Proverbs 1 verses 20 – 33, wisdom is personified as a person calling out to those who really need her to avoid the calamity and disaster awaiting them if there’s no change of mindset.

For every phase and season of life there’s a wisdom required to successfully live through it and surmount the challenges therein.

We must ensure that we pursue wisdom at all costs; first and foremost, through the bible then, books, audiovisual materials and from the elders who have gone ahead of us. etc.

There are many things we could have avoided if only we had the right knowledge to apply.

That’s wisdom in simple terms – the application of the accumulated knowledge gotten based on the understanding of how, why, and when such knowledge should be applied.


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