Summer Throwback

It recently started snowing in Edmonton, Canada (literally two days ago), so I thought I would relive the glory days of the summer by throwing it back to some events that I attended this past summer.

So every summer there’s a fun fair exhibition known as K-Days (Klondike Days) that is held for 10 days usually near the end of July in Edmonton, Alberta. It consists of different rides and games, both for children and adults which makes it a great opportunity for family fun. It is usually held alongside other great activities across the Albertan province such as ‘A Taste of Edmonton’ and ‘The Calgary Stampede’. If you’re looking for fun things to do next summer, you should definitely check out these events!

Unlike previous years that I attended K-Days, I was actually able to explore some of the exhibitions rather than just going for the rides. (#Adulting!). There were lots of very cool and interesting options. One of the things I did was to try and plan the day because it is quick to get easily overwhelmed.

The first exhibition I went to was the Canada 150 exhibition held in collaboration with Camp Northlands. There was so many interesting things going on in there. I particularly enjoyed the photo booth section which highlighted the beautiful Canadian outdoors (#GreatNorth) and it was a opportunity to take fun pictures. As a basketball fan, I enjoyed the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame exhibition.

Other recommended stations:

‘So You Want To Be An Anchor’

Did you know that James Naismith, the inventor of basketball as we know it, was a Canadian?


Overall, it was a great experience and it inspires me to want to explore more of Canada beyond Edmonton. What are some of the events you like to attend during the summer? (It’s never too late to start planning now!) Or those that you plan to attend during  winter? Make sure to keep warm during this winter months! If you need to re-visit those great summer pictures to remind yourself of a more cosier time then go ahead.


Mo 🙂

Published by MusingswithMo

I am a young woman on a mission to discovering my purpose and working to fulfill my God-given potential. I hope to encourage an atmosphere of growth where I can learn from others and hope that others can also learn from me :) I love reading, discussing, laughing and learning (although that can be tough and requires making mistakes and doing things over again😩😩). "If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking." - James 1:5 follow @musingswithmo_ on Instagram for some more inspiration :)

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