Travelling Dishes from Aunty Dupe’s Buka

If you’re looking for a great event to attend this summer, you should check out Travelling Dishes from Aunty Dupe’s Buka. Musing with Mo was very lucky enough to sit down with the founder and creator of Aunty Dupe’s Buka, Dupe Adedeji and here is what she had to say.


In your own words could you describe what Aunty Dupe’s Buka is all about and what Travelling Dishes is also about?

Aunty Dupe’s Buka is all about my love for cooking and hosting people. Travelling dishes is the avenue I am using to promote Nigerian food to a larger and more diverse audience such as Canadians and other non-Nigerians. It also involved bringing the food to different places such as a more contemporary and corporate audience. It is about making food mobile and more accessible. To publicize Nigerian food to people outside of Nigeria. 

How did you come up with the name and inspiration behind the brand?

Aunty Dupe’s Buka is a name that was coined by my family and friends when I moved to Edmonton about four years ago.  I have always enjoyed cooking and have always had a flair for cooking, so when I moved and started posting pictures of the food I made on my Snapchat and Instagram page I would get comments from family and friends both online and in person about the images. I then started tagging my food pictures with the name #AuntyDupesBuka. The business Aunty Dupe’s Buka became more official in March 2019. Things just seemed to click for me. As I stated I always knew I liked cooking for people, getting people together and entertaining them and this was something I saw was slightly lacking in my environment, especially being new to the city and all. Therefore, with the encouragement from my followers and friends, I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it. 

The term ‘Buka’ in the name refers to a local eatery back home in Nigeria. For me, Nigerian cooking is a whole experience which consists of eating and lots of conversations with total strangers over good food. Thus, the ‘Buka’ in the name represents the fun and lively atmosphere we hope to create rather than the ‘Mama Put’ type of restaurant.


How did you go about starting your brand?

Firstly, I ensured to carry out extensive research. I started googling and researching on how to get certified which I did. Research is something you really must do if you really want something. It was great having people reach out to me for example when CBC contacted me to cover our first ever tasting event with Travelling Dishes. However, the preliminary research is so important because it gives me a picture and a vision in my head which I can then follow and attempt to bring to reality. So, I knew that getting my license and all the legal stuff sorted would be necessary if I planned to go mainstream. So, I looked into getting insurance and registering the business and all that. Once that was ready, I started reaching out to people who could help me advertise and learning how to use social media as a driving tool. I was quite fortunate that I had a great support with people sharing and re-sharing to promote the business.

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Mid Year Review


So we are well past the middle of the year now and if you are a thinker like myself you are evaluating to some extent how the year has been thus far. Checking to see if you’ve met up to the expectations you set for yourself at the start of the year.  Not that I have deeply reflected like that, but recent news on the sudden death of the 20 year old Disney actor, Cameron Boyce has really hit me. I didn’t particularly know him or follow his career so much, but I had seen him in a few movies such as Grown Ups and I knew him from the Disney channel and such. I remember randomly glancing through his Instagram page and immediately loving his energy, his vibe and his whole aura. He seemed like someone who was genuinely passionate about others. He was involved with various charity organizations and seemed to attend a lot of charity events. I admired how unapologetic he was about loving his family and friends. He regularly  posted pictures with his friends as well as his family (his mum, dad and his younger sister Maya). Thus imagine my shock seeing a random post about his death and being in total disbelief. I had to check and double check several times. It seemed surreal to me.

This also reminded me of the writer and speaker Wynter Pitts. She is the founder of the organization ‘For Girls Like You‘ where she aims to equip young girls with knowledge and confidence in their identity in Christ so they can be all that they need to be on earth. I had seen her in  her cousin’s (Chrystal Evan Hurst) Youtube video, yet the impact of her death impacted me somehow. I was deeply moved and encouraged by her family’s response and their strength in the midst of such an unexpected tragedy.

In Philippians 3, Paul describes the overwhelming desire to know Christ and to forego legalistic ways of thinking and relating with God.  His view and unrelenting pursuit of God can be summed up in this verse:


This is the same Paul that had suffered so much for the gospel of Christ. He had spoken to a range of people and shared the good news about Jesus to a wide variety of audiences and people. Yet, it was almost like he hadn’t achieved much. While taking a moment to review this year and celebrate the successes, learn from the failures and readjust our priorities in order to achieve our goals let us not forget that our ultimate goal is still to bring glory to God. That means whatever great and lofty ideas we might have had since the start of this year; do not fear, just go for it. I saw a meme recently which stated


Well, to this I say; 2020 is 6months away, don’t waste your OWN time.


Mo 🙂



Happy 2nd Anniversary!

“Tell your story; yes, tell you story. Show your examples. Tell everyone it’s possible, and others shall feel the courage to climb their own mountains.”

Paulo Coelho


Happy 2nd Anniversary to the blog!

I am super grateful for the opportunity to be able to write and put out creative work. It has been very useful and helpful in my personal growth to work on self-reflection and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

Therefore, allow me to re-introduce the blog! Hello! Whether this is your first time reading this blog or you’re a frequent or occasional reader, you are all welcome! E4204B5F-3C15-403E-9D0E-745AC9622A6C

My name is Morenike aka Mo. I started this blog about two years ago after reaching a realization that I was entering adulthood and I was hyper aware of the fact that I seemed to have a lot of growing and learning to do. Anyways, this blog was sparked and I guess has been encouraged by two verses

  1. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will–his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12:2 (NIV)


2. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5 (NIV) 

I am so excited to see the next steps this blog takes and the awesome things we as a community can learn. I personally have been challenged such that I pushed myself to writing and posting a blog post every day this past week. I have learnt that once you put your mind to something, truly you can achieve it.


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Anniversary Anthems

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

In case you haven’t picked it up by now, yeah I’m kind of cheesy like that. But guess what, it’ll be a lot easier if you just accept it and enjoy the ‘interesting’ and might I say creative titles I come up with. Lol, enjoy!

Slow Anthems:

First Love by Hillsong Young and Free

Whenever I write most of the time I’m trying to get back into this headspace where I am totally and intensely in love with God. Like I just wanna please Him and know more about Him. To me this song signifies the underlying heart cry we all have as young adults the fear and that once we settle down and we get married and get that career job and we start to think ‘will I still be on fire for God as much as I am in my youth?’ But when I am even struggling in my youth with the little commitments I have imagine when real life commitments get added to my plate…Sike, that’s where the grace of God comes in. But also we have to build good habits right now so when responsibilities increase those habits will be so habitual that it won’t be compromised.

Last Breath by CalledOut Music ft Rae

No matter what comes my way, I will give you glory…

Finally Found by Travis Greene 

Growth is beautiful. Growth in Christ is everything.


Fast Anthems:

Iwo Nikan L’ogo Ye/ Too Much for Me by Wale Adenuga

That intro alone mehn is tight! (Fam, future bae you have to play an instrument oo, I’m expecting major serenading throughout our time on this earth together or during our lifetime together…just saying)

There are plenty of instrumental bridge/interludes for major dancing and celebrating. The talking drum is legendary (talking drum is a native instrument to Nigeria and it’s called ‘talking drum’ because the sound of the drum mimics human speech)

Big God by Joyous Celebration.

Another classic and another great one for going all the way out with dancing!

My Season by Mike Abdul, Adam & Monique

This has been my soundtrack for the past week! 

Happy Anniversary to Musings with Mo!


Mo 🙂

A Game of Residences


It’s been a while since I have lived on a university residence but I thought I would flashback to the interesting, challenging and all together amazing experiences I have had.


I remember arriving on campus as a doe-eyed first year student excited for University life with anticipation of what it would be like. Would it be like the movies, the gloriously mixed feeling of independence and freedom with the idea of getting great marks without much studying taking place. I mean how often do you see students actually study in the movies portraying university/college life? TV shows like ‘A Different World’ really portrayed that campus life as something far more interesting than it actually is. Anyways, I found that one aspect I was most excited about was living on campus. I was excited to be living with other people my age and just being able to engage with them. Lol, I had forgotten I was an introvert and also really liked having my own space.

Nevertheless, my first residence was at Lister Center and would you believe I actually shared a room with someone. Crazy, I know. It was an interesting experience and definitely taught me how to cohabit with other people. Not just a roommate but living with other young people on a floor and with various personalities and various interests, some of which may clash with yours. Example, Friday evening for some usually consists of watching movies and eating junk food while another person’s Friday evening consists of drinking and loud partying.


So for my second year I decided to try something different and applied to live in International House. I really liked the sense of community that was encouraged and the mixing of different cultures. Plus, it meant I had to start cooking my own meals. Oh yeah! Gone were the days of meal plan from Lister years. This was real adulting now a.k.a you don’t cook, you don’t eat!



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Know Thyself

So I recently read a post on Instagram on taking personality tests (These days,  I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram) . The writer spoke about the clarity and the sense of acceptance she felt realizing that she wasn’t strange to feel the way she felt at times. I have come to understand that knowledge about something makes us less fearful. Self-knowledge allows us to act from a place of wisdom and insight such that we understand ourselves and why we act the way we do. It helps us navigate relationships as well as life in general.

Do You Know Thineself??


If one is not careful this world and the people in it will pigeonhole you into a certain ideal. Unless we validate ourselves and avoid chasing after the validation of human beings we can never be truly satisfied. Human beings are so fickle and their intentions not always pure so how can we trust what someone tells us we are. Jeremiah 17:9 (AMP) states;

‘The heart is deceitful above all things. And it is extremely sick; who can understand it fully and know its secret motives?”

Fam, I am shook. Those are very heavy words to use. Yet it can be true at times. But we know that human beings are also malleable. Our hearts can be changed if we do not conform to the standards of the world but being transformed by the renewal of our minds and the changing of our hearts. As a self-professed people pleaser, choosing to please people over choosing to please God is a very slippery slope. The only way is down to be honest. Therefore, chose wisely. Know yourself and continue to work on yourself.

Wisdom Directs

The bible also states that wisdom is profitable to direct. A wise and practical thing in the process of getting to ‘know yourself’ is to take a personality test. I personally have taken the MBTI– test and found the results quite astounding. I find that it’s a good first indicator to understanding why we all behave the way we do. The concluding statement for my personality type states this:


To some extent this explains to me why I am so into personal growth and actively dedicated to seeing myself and those around me grow!

Although, it also explains to some extent other negative traits such as being enigmatic.

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All My Girls Are Ballers

Happy Wednesday to all the awesome women (and guys) that are killing it in their field and taking it one day at a time hoping to achieve their purpose and fulfill their mission.


Special shout out to the awesome girlfriends, sisters, aunties and mothers in our lives. We are a product of our community and those that pour into us, shout out to my friend Sarah for the inspiration.

In her book, ‘How To Succeed at Being Yourself’ Joyce Meyer talks about realizing that although she loved herself she didn’t seem to like herself very much. I relate with this because it explains why we do self sabotaging things and refuse to go after the very best for ourselves. We allow fear and laziness to overcome the will and drive that God has bountifully given us and the help He provides us to achieve our purpose in life.

Paul was an apostle in the Bible who basically comes to an understanding of ‘being on a mission’ in Hebrews 12:1-3 (MSG):



One of the things I really loved about ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis was that she set practical tips on how to address certain issues. I’m all about personal development and if you ask me, any individual aiming to constantly improve themselves and work to grow themselves has such an attractive mindset! Therefore, I really enjoyed how at the end of each chapter she actually listed practically tips for her readers and labeled it as Things That Helped Me… 

Community helps us to ‘Become’

It is a beautiful thing to foster and nourish an environment and community where people are encouraged to learn from each other. That is the hope and goal for Musings with Mo. That is also what makes life sweet! Doing life with other people has a way of opening up new possibilities and new experiences for us all. Let us endeavor to encourage this community. Especially among women.

The joy of being a woman can be such a wonderful feeling, but we require a community to allow that feeling to flourish.
Musings with Mo



Michelle Obama recently released her first book since leaving the White House  titled ‘Becoming’ and it’s been flying off the shelves. She narrates how her current success has been a combination of her parental influence, her community that poured into her and a great circle of friends for each different stage in her life. She boldly states and clearly admits that her success is a result of her hard work and dedication coupled with those she was in community with:

“Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.”
Hebrews‬ ‭10:25‬ ‭MSG‬‬

To me the term ‘Girl On A Mission’ embodies someone who is unashamed about their flaws yet is actively dedicated to working on themselves to be the very best version of themselves and to be transformed into the image of Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.






Mo 🙂

Mo’s Easy-Peasy Cinnamon Rolls


Bake & Grow

So as I stated at the start of this year, ya girl is really trying to grow and challenge herself out here. Growth is so important and so beautiful so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and post a little bake-with-me-esque post today. (I had started a Cooking with Mo series before, I guess this can be like a Bake with Mo ??). Anyways, hope you enjoy, try it out and are inspired to try something new either baking-wise or otherwise.

As most inspirational stories go, it all started when I was scrolling through Instagram and I happened to land on Queeneth’s page (she goes by @dishesbyq on Instagram) and I followed her recipe for a cinnamon rolls. Man, not only did it look absolutely delicious but she also made it look so simple and straightforward. I was like THIS, I have got to try myself.  So after checking a couple more recipes online and finding some broken down recipes on YouTube I decided to give it a try at home.

1. Activate the yeast. Warm milk and water for 30 seconds in the microwave and add your sugar and yeast. Mix thoroughly and set aside for 5-10 mins. You should notice that the yeast mixture has risen a little bit.


2. Melt the butter in the microwave by heating for about 15-20 seconds


3. Add the melted butter and sugar to the warm yeast mixture. As you can see I made a bit of a blunder and had to transfer my yeast mixture into a larger bowl because I was going to be adding flour and the small bowl would not be sufficient.

So don’t be like Mo, use a big bowl from the start.



4. Knead the flour with the yeast mixture until a dough is formed. Then cover the dough and keep in a warm place (oven) for an hour. You should notice that the dough will have doubled in size.


5. Prepare the roll filling by measuring out the cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla extract and mix. (P:S: I added milk to my brown sugar because in case you can’t see, it was rock solid, Lool, so I had to soften it a bit and I didn’t want to use water)


6. Roll out your dough and spread melted butter on top. Then I added the filling and rolled the dough into a roll and cut the roll into even slices. Cover and set aside to rise for about 45 mins.


6. After 45mins spread butter on the rolls and glaze them. Put them in the oven at 375 for 20mins.



Voila! Delicious cinnamon rolls are ready to be eaten!


How did you find the recipe??


Mo 🙂



Who inspires you?

So I randomly came across Tyler Perry’s acceptance speech for ‘Ultimate Icon Award’ at the 2019 Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards. He beautifully narrates his story of how he became the brilliant screenwriter, filmmaker, actor and all round boss-man that we know today. My initial exposure to Mr. Perry was his role as Madea which he created and played in a lot of his movies. The character of Madea reminded me of Martin Lawrence’s character in Big Momma’s house, that movie was basically my childhood. At first I remember being over his dramatic acting and the portrayal and repetitive narrative of the overbearing, loud and obnoxious matriarch. With my reservations, I never really gave his movies a chance although I have seen one or two that I really enjoyed.


Yet, what I admire about him and from what I gathered from his speech, he has always been very much about ‘helping people cross’. I think that is such a great mindset and an honorable way to live life. No man is ever an island and I think it is important that when you see someone doing something great within your community or outside of it you celebrate with them! No one understands the strength, mental fortitude and hard work it takes to achieve even the most minute of things that people achieve. When we see people celebrating we should try and also celebrate with them! He spoke about seeing his mother abused by his father and how he would mimic some of his mother’s friends in order to make her laugh and take the pain away, even if it was momentary.


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Daddy Jams

Although Fathers’ day is official over, we know we can celebrate our amazing fathers any day and everyday! Here are a few jams you can dance to with your dads.


1. Papa by Johnny Drille6EE47960-383E-4B0E-9852-81BDBE46C057


2. The Kind of Man by The ColorE01D6A0A-DF30-40E2-979A-75603838392B


3. Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross (one for the gals)8BDA2BF2-82A6-49EE-84AA-93F18E8F84DA


4. Just The Two of Us by Will Smith (one for the guys)9D6A2051-615D-431B-B4D2-C7BB5B2CE912


5. Baba L’Oke by EmmaOMG ft FloRockaE498F8C0-3683-4BA4-A93C-1D1963F35E98

To all our dapper dads, stay cool and keep dancing, we love you


Mo 🙂

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