Proverbs 12

Wicked schemes devised to enthrone or promote oneself will either fail or be short-lived.

§  Be careful who you say ‘I DO’ for the rest of your life. Choose a spouse who is noble and of a virtuous character.

§  Everything the wicked plans and says is either to deceive and kill another. Choose the plans of the righteous.

§  Never be someone or something you are not just because you want to “keep up with Joneses.” Be yourself regardless of where you are in life.

§  No matter the level of status or influence attained, stay humble. Never be loud about your position or wealth.

§  When a mind is wrapped in foolishness, its difficult to see that the path that seems right is the wrong one.

§  The control of one’s anger in the spur of the moment is a true display of wisdom.

§  Truth will forever stand but lies, no matter how many times told, will be uncovered one day.

§  Be anxious for nothing. It will only wear you out.

A soul that is heavy and filled with anxiety requires refreshing words that will gladden and lift them from their heaviness.


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Proverbs 11

The one who possesses wisdom does not boast, but the one filled with pride will only end in shame.

§  On the day of judgment, riches have no value. What will count most are the righteous deeds done through the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

§  There is no hope for the unjust after their lifetime on earth.

§  The speech of the hypocrite against a person is dangerous. Be weary and watchful of them.

§  The one with knowledge that’s understood will certainly know what to do per time.

§  When an oppressive wicked man leaves a place or the face of the earth, there’s rejoicing not for him but for freedom from his wicked acts.

§  Everyone celebrates the righteous for the things done well. Anywhere they go the people there are blessed to have them.

§  Those who cause strife and division are void of God’s wisdom. The wisdom of God always promotes peace and unity whatever the situation may be.

§  Be careful of the person you share your secrets with. There are those that derive pleasure knowing about your life and spreading your secrets to gain popularity or to feel relevant. Share your pertinent matters with only those who are trustworthy and mean well for you.

§  Decisions made must be on the basis of information gathered by wise counsels. There’s always safety when we make informed decisions

§  When you put forward a surety for anyone, ensure it is done for the one you know very well.

§  Riches doesn’t bring honor; it is being gracious and kind that brings honor to any man.

§  Being merciful isn’t only beneficial to the recipients but also to the individual who is merciful at all times.

§  The one who chooses to show no mercy is wicked and the deeds of the wicked are truly deceptive. Be careful how you engage with them.

§  Life is the reward for righteousness and death is reward for evil deeds.

§   The Lord truly has great delight in those who walk uprightly.

§  Be not deceived by the beauty of a woman or the handsomeness of a man if he or she is without good manners and good judgment.

§  Those who are true givers shall never lack. They will keep increasing. But for the stingy and selfish, they only withhold their riches unto poverty.

§  They that seek good for others will certainly enjoy the goodness of God. But all those who are interested in deceiving and bringing people down will certainly be brought down and fall into their deception.

§  Anyone who puts their trust in God will never be put to shame and will flourish in the land, but those who trust in riches will be disappointed and will fall badly.

§   Hold your family in dignity and high esteem. Maintain peace and quench every fire of chaos and trouble.

§  A man who intentionally lives in foolishness will be a servant to the man who is wise at heart.

§  When you win souls, it is an act of God’s wisdom.

Nothing done in this life here on earth will go unrewarded. Therefore, choose righteousness so that life would be your reward


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Proverbs 10

Solomon specifically wrote all the Proverbs from chapter 10 – 29. And they are rich in wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

They are still very relevant to us, even though they were written years and years ago.

For each of the chapters written specifically by Solomon, major verses will be expounded on to bring more light and insight:

§  Wisdom applied by children brings joy to parents, but the way of foolishness only brings them grief and sorrow.

§  A man can steal many things today, but rest assured that all that was stolen will disappear tomorrow.

§  As long as we walk in the righteousness of God, He will always make our needs met.

§  Work isn’t a curse on man, it is the means by which God blesses us with wealth when done diligently.

§  Preparation for every season of life, just like the ant, is surely great wisdom displayed.

§  The blessings of God are truly evident in the lives of those who choose to be righteous but for the wicked, only their deeds of evil speak of them.

§  When a person lives in righteousness, their name can be used as an access to great opportunities by others including their children. But if a person lives in wickedness, I guarantee you that person’s name will block every access to opportunities for the one who uses it, including their children. This is sorrowful.

§  Don’t waste your time on a person who intentionally wants to live in foolishness, rather spend your energy and time counseling and instructing the one who wants to live in wisdom.

§  The end of a man that lives in crookedness will only lead to shame, but the man of integrity is secured no matter the season of life or wherever he goes.

§  Can it be said of us that our mouth surely is a fountain or well of life that brings refreshing and edifying words or a well of violence and wickedness that only stirs hatred? Which is it?

§  The rod should not be spared but used in wisdom and love to bring understanding for the one who is void of it.

§  The real treasures of the wise are not the possessions and cash stocked up in multiple accounts, rather they are the accumulated banks of knowledge acquired and thoroughly understood overtime.

§  There’s surely no glory and defense living in poverty. Poverty makes a man vulnerable and exposed to compromises and attacks.

§  The end of the wicked’s labor will only lead to sin and death but the labor of the righteous leads to life and righteousness.

§  Control and restrain the lips are a true display of wisdom and maturity.

§  Any blessing of God never leaves us in sorrow afterwards, instead it brings wealth in all areas of life.

§  The wicked may appear bold outwardly but inwardly all their actions are dictated and influenced by fear.

§  The righteous in Jesus Christ are held firm on the rock of all ages but the one who is wicked, and evil will be swept away when the raging storms of life come their way.

§  Don’t use a lazy person for any task even if it is simple, you will only be wearied of frustration.

§  God’s ways in any area of life will always safeguard anyone that chooses to do things His way.

§   Those who live in righteousness shall inherit the earth. There’s no stake for the wicked in eternity in the new earth.

§  To find what will be acceptable in the sight of God, don’t meet and listen to the one who is vile and filled with evil but meet and listen to the one who treasures the righteousness of God above everything that pertains to this life.


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Proverbs 9

Wisdom of God is for all men to have and enjoy. It isn’t for a select few. It’s for everyone that cares and desires to have it. We all are invited to drink and eat at the table with wisdom.

The dinner tickets are free for anyone who wants to be at the table.

Wisdom transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary person. Makes a person sharp and discerning of the tricks and schemes of the enemy.

Also, the blessing of long life comes to the person that walks in wisdom.

Without wisdom,

§  a person remains in their state of errors and mistakes,

§  a person is void of insights and new learnings,

§  a person can remain gullible to traps and schemes of the seducer.

To begin your walk in God’s wisdom, reverentially love and honor Him through the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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Proverbs 8

For this post, I’m going to major on key verses in this chapter to show the irreplaceable value and great benefits of God’s wisdom.

Proverbs 8:1-3 NLT

"Listen as Wisdom calls out!
    Hear as understanding raises her voice! On the hilltop along the road, she takes her stand at the crossroads. By the gates at the entrance to the town, on the road leading in, she cries aloud,"

God wants all men to have and manifest His wisdom. Unfortunately, as free, and accessible this wisdom is, many care less and depend wholly on earthly intelligence.

The wisdom of God is superior to other kinds of wisdom and intelligence. This superior wisdom was with God from the very beginning. It is ancient but still relevant in our advanced technological civilized world.  This wisdom has walked through the different civilizations of the world, yet its value hasn’t degraded nor decreased.

Proverbs 8: 7-9 NLT

"for I speak the truth
    and detest every kind of deception. My advice is wholesome. There is nothing devious or crooked in it. My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those with knowledge."

The wisdom of God is pure, void of any vile. I want to believe Apostle James read this portion of Proverbs and penned down his Spirit-inspiration message on the different kinds of wisdom. These verses are in alignment with his writings to the Church on Wisdom.

Wisdom doesn’t promote wickedness nor bring any sort of perversion. It is incapable of doing anything outside of the character of Christ.

Any other wisdom that promotes self-glory, emboldens the works of the flesh and changes God’s natural order for all men to follow, isn’t the wisdom of God.

Proverbs 8:11 NLT

"For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it."

Most young people of our generation think cars, houses, jets, money, gold, silver, and precious diamonds should be the pursuit of a man’s life.

When Solomon was given a blank check by God to ask for anything he wanted, he didn’t ask for his enemies to be killed, he didn’t ask for lots of money, or treasures and rubies, or longer life on earth etc. He asked for just one thing to lead his people well with WISDOM.

What will you ask God for, when he gives you a blank check?

Proverbs 8:16-17 NLT

"Rulers lead with my help, and nobles make righteous judgments. “I love all who love me. Those who search will surely find me."

Leadership without wisdom will only end in frustration with the followers. Every leader needs to be filled with God’s wisdom to lead people effectively. Again, Solomon knew this very well, that’s why he asked God for wisdom instead of the goodies of life that men and women of his time craved to have.

Proverbs 8:22-23 NLT

“The Lord formed me from the beginning, before he created anything else. I was appointed in ages past, at the very first, before the earth began“

The wisdom of God has pre-existed before man came upon the scene. If the superiority of God’s wisdom is on the basis that it existed from eternity and it is from God. Shouldn’t we pursue and seek after God’s wisdom?

Proverbs 8:35-36 NKJV

"For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord; But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; All those who hate me love death.”

Wisdom brings favor from God into our lives and when we walk in wisdom, we automatically choose life that adds to our well-being and our quality of living. But when wisdom is rejected, life is replaced with death. 

The joy of life is exchanged with shame, the sweetness of life is exchanged with bitterness, our rest and assurance are replaced with frustration and anxiety. These are the things death brings when the wisdom of God is shunned.


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Proverbs 7

Similar to the teachings of the father to his son in Proverbs 5 and latter verses of Proverbs 6, he again warns his son of the danger of getting involved with a prostitute.

For this post, I will be speaking directly to all brothers and if you are a female reading this post, keep reading and share with any young man you know that needs to read this.

The issue of fornication and adultery applies to both females and males. But for this post as earlier mentioned, I would like to major on our responsibility as males to ensure we don’t fall into any sexual seductive invitations that will reck our destiny.

No man can ever escape not being tempted sexually. At different seasons of our lives, they will come unexpectedly. Temptation isn’t a sin but yielding to temptation is a sin. Falling for a temptation doesn’t happen suddenly, it starts in the mind. From an evil thought, it graduates into lust, then temptation, and if yielded to it becomes a sin.

Sometimes as males, we throw the blame on what ladies are wearing or how they lured us with their words into having sex. We expressly blame the females for our ‘sexpionage’ instead of taking responsibility for our actions.

The appearance of a sexual temptation is one we as men should never hang around to negotiate with nor one where we start to pray against the temptation right there but rather one, we run far away from even at the very sight of it. We males by default are moved by what we see. This is why the only way not to succumb to the pressures for sex before and outside of marriage, is for us to flee from the seductive invitations of the harlot. Brothers, let’s learn from Joseph’s encounter with Potiphar’s wife.

If we brothers refuse to heed to this ancient proverbial wise saying and continue to indulge in sexual activities with strange women and young girls, the end will only lead to destruction.

The Lord will give us more grace to stay sexually pure and flee all sexual temptations that come our way in Jesus Name.



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Proverbs 6

The father of the son continues in his discourse with his son and shares with him some vital wisdom nuggets to save him from trouble.

Honesty in Shortcomings

There are times in our lives that we are unable to live up to our agreements or decisions. And instead of acknowledging our limitations and owning up, we pretend out of pride to give a false impression that we are able to handle ourselves. Whenever we hit a crossroad in life based on what we have previously said or on decisions made with anyone or a group of people particularly in the area of finances, it’s advisable we humble ourselves and acknowledge to the concerned parties or party on our limitations to continue on the agreement or decisions made.

Don’t suffer in silence at the expense of your sanity, dignity and name.

All through scriptures, you will notice that when a certain trait or character is to be communicated to man, animals that display these characters or traits are used as an example to challenge or make us step up our game. Here in the chapter, an ant shows us how to be diligent, proactive, and ever ready for any season of life.

At a very young age, whenever we traveled from one state to another back home, I usually saw an inscription at the back of big trucks and trailers ‘No food for a lazy man‘. This is very true. Poverty knocks on the door of those that decide to live carelessly and lazy. Our Lord Jesus Christ while on earth as a man, was never at any point lazy. He worked really hard with his disciples preaching, healing, and delivering all who were oppressed. For anything good we want to achieve, be it academics or career or ministry, we need to plan and work diligently for it to happen. Nothing just happens without our diligence put into it. Work was not a curse on man, it was given to him before the fall. Hard work doesn’t kill, rather it is rewarded at all times.

Let’s be like the ant by planning well for the future and ensuring we work diligently in all endeavors we have been called into.

We see again that in this chapter, almost 30% of those things that were listed as an abomination to God were centered on wickedness done to another human being. The unregenerate man is liable to imagine and carry out wicked acts against the innocent.


The life of Christ is void of wickedness. Wickedness should have no place in the life of a Christian. There are people who kill for money, influence, power, revenge, selfish reasons, to acquire someone else’s property etc. Stay clear from people who enjoy seeing other people, especially the innocent, suffer and are killed unjustly.

And lastly, adultery in marriage is again addressed in this chapter.  There’s certainly no room for a husband or wife having an affair outside of marriage. We can tag it as ‘entanglement’ or whatever, it’s still adultery. The negative outcomes of adultery on the husband, wife and children are far more devastating than the pleasure enjoyed while committing adultery.

Every young person should know that getting married doesn’t make you stay faithful to your spouse. It is your intentional will to honor God with your body and the power of the Holy Spirit that can keep you faithful and committed sexually to your spouse.

The earlier self-control is developed and cultivated while being single the better it will be when married. Self-control isn’t developed in marriage; it is developed while one is single.


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Proverbs 5

It will interest you to know that the books of Bible were not originally divided into chapters and verses. It was two early Church fathers who at different times in history, divided the scriptures into chapters and verses. 

The reason I state this is because this Chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter.

Today in our world, as stated earlier in the previous post, the sanctity of purity has been thrown into garbage. Sex with multiple partners has become a norm. Many married men have side-chicks they hide to satisfy their sexual gratifications and pleasures, and married women are preying on young men to satisfy their sexual desires. Sadly, this is the world we live in today.

The advice of the father to his son addresses the following:

o Purity while single

o Fleeing sexual sin

o Faithfulness in marriage

o The danger of engaging in premarital sex and adultery

We as children of the kingdom must be different from the world. It should never be okay having sex before marriage or committing adultery and just tagging it ‘An entanglement.’ This thing should not be mentioned in our camp.

The results of not heeding to the wisdom of God in the area of sexual purity is devastating and costly to one’s destiny. I agree that our loving heavenly Father will forgive anyone who falls short in this area, but the negative impact may still remain.

For instance

–  adultery may result to a divorce,

–  premarital sex may lead to HIV, or soul-ties to persons in covenant with evil spirits that waste destinies etc.

We must attend to the wisdom of God and give ears to His guiding principles on marriage and sexual purity.

Keep away from sex till you are married to the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh. If you have fallen in this area, don’t feel condemned or judged, seek forgiveness from God, break every soul tie with the blood of Jesus and genuinely repent from your old ways.

For those married, enjoy the assessable pleasures and love of your spouse, flee from every appearance of evil, particularly sexual sin, and stay faithful to your spouse.


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Proverbs 4

There’s a great parallel between this chapter and the previous.

We can see here the father who was once a young child is instructing and encouraging his son on what he learned from his own father.

The wisdom and instructions of God from our parents must be passed down to the next generations if we want to see continuity of the impact of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The consequences of not passing down the heritage of God to the next generations can be seen in

Judges 2:10-12
 "After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel. 11 Then the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord and served the Baals. 12 They forsook the Lord, the God of their ancestors, who had brought them out of Egypt. They followed and worshiped various gods of the peoples around them. They aroused the Lord’s anger."

One day, we all who are young will stand in the shoes of our parents raising children. We must ensure that we communicate to them the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God.

Another aspect of this chapter worthy of note is our responsibility in ensuring the wisdom of God finds expression in our lives. Until we give undivided attention and occupy our minds with God’s Word, we may not express and walk in the wisdom of God.

Seeking to walk in the wisdom of God must be intentional, it cannot be wished.

Also, we see mentioned in this chapter that God’s Word brings life to those who diligently seek it and offers health benefits to the body.  When we speak God’s Word over our bodies, it has tremendous power to keep our bodies healthy.  This is why our confessions should always be in line with God’s Word, regardless of the circumstance or situation.  The Word of God brings life to dead things in our lives, including our health. So, no matter the situation, find God’s Word for that situation and speak His Word over that circumstance.


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Proverbs 3

This chapter starts out with ‘My son’. I’m sure ladies would be like, ‘ I’m not sure this particular chapter applies to me’. On the contrary, it applies to all sons and daughters of this kingdom.

In this chapter, we see an elderly father sharing some deep counsels to his son or a young boy.

Verses 1 – 4

Reveal to us the relationship between the length of days on earth and God’s instructions. Disobeying and ignoring God’s instructions will only lead to a wasted life.

Verses 5 – 6:

There’s no doubt that God has given us wonderful minds that produce brilliant ideas, concepts, and strategies to achieve a feat or solve a problem or to make a move and so on. The minds of men have truly been the drive behind the technological advancements and improvements we see today.  But there’s a huge mistake man makes and unfortunately citizens of God’s Kingdom are guilty of this; it is that we are most times overly dependent on ourselves, natural advantages, or the network of people we have at our disposal to use. Trusting in God doesn’t mean that we put our minds and hands to sleep, it is our courageous confidence in God in all our ways; the resolute confidence in the unchanging abilities of God in whatever situation we find ourselves.

God should always be acknowledged on all sides, on all fronts and in all ways of our lives. Acknowledgment means ‘to honorably consider’. God wants to be considered in all that we do and ever become.

God wants us to involve Him in every room of our lives. He doesn’t just want to be invited into the living room; He wants to be involved in your private room.

What are these rooms? The areas of our lives – spiritual, emotional, finances, career, academics, relationships, social life, ministry, etc. Let God be at the center of all these areas. Let us acknowledge Him in everything we do in these areas, no matter how small or how big.

Verses 7 – 8:

An overestimation of our abilities or ourselves above God’s abilities makes us self dependent from God. We should never be carried away by the advantages or influences we have in our lives at the expense of our loving reverence for God. We should rid every seed of pride that tries to make us look wise in our eyes.

Evil practiced by anyone is a decision made on the basis of freewill. Every person with a conscience on earth has the choice to run or flee from any evil practice against God’s expectations and against humanity.

The combination of fearing God (which brings wisdom) and shunning evil is tremendously beneficial to the sustenance of our physical health. For example, if out of reverence for God a single man keeps himself from sex until marriage, such person will be free from STDs that could weaken his immune system and reduce his life span.

Verses 9-10:

Honor is an act of recognition of a person based on the title held, position held, gifting possessed, benevolent acts shown, contribution made to humanity, etc. Our God surpasses all these requirements. He deserves all honor, glory, and power. 

One of the many ways God has prescribed for us to honor Him, is with our possessions and wealth. With the contention on the subject of tithing, we should be very aware that honor and love are supposed to be the basis to tithe. When we tithe 10% of our income, we are simply recognizing God as the giver of all the wealth we possess.

Indeed, those who tithe and honor the Lord with their substance get a bountiful blessing in return.

Chapter 3:11-12:

Love without correction is not genuine love but pretentious love. Corrections are most times never palatable for us to receive. But they make us better Christians.

The corrections from our parents or any parent figure should never be neglected. So also, should the corrections of our heavenly Father mete out to us through the Holy Spirit.

Verses 13 – 18:

The worth and value of wisdom is described in great detail for us to desire it.

Wisdom is more valuable than gold, silver, and rubies.

In wisdom we can access riches and experience honor.

Wisdom helps us elongate our time on earth.

Wisdom leads to peace.

This wisdom spoken of is certainly heavenly wisdom. The wisdom of this world or devilish wisdom cannot produce these benefits.

Verses 19 – 24:

The father further reveals how God used wisdom, understanding and knowledge to create the earth, heavens, and the depths of the sea. He then mentioned to his son not to let go of them but to hang on to them every time.

We can access heavenly wisdom, understanding and knowledge that will be relevant for excelling and triumphing in life through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

Verses 24 – 25:

Today, the world is tormented by fear of the unknown.  Particularly in the last two years of COVID-19, many have been gripped by fear.

Fear comes in different ways. It makes us feel that we are all alone and makes us think that God has abandoned us. But the two verses show us that the Lord is our security, our defense and protector against evil. So, hear this loud and clear, FEAR NOT!

Verses 27 – 28:

When it’s in our capacity to help out another sister or brother or friend, we should never hold back. We should help out when we can within our capacity.

Verse 30:

We must avoid at all costs, fights that have no justifiable basis nor yield any positive outcome that glorifies God. We only end up hurting ourselves and putting the name of Jesus Christ to shame. For instance, if we fight for justice and fairness for others who are marginalized in our society, that’s a good fight but fighting over who is more influential, who is more beautiful, smart, more accepted by others, etc. is completely out of line for a Christian.

Verses 31 – 33:

The Lord who is Father and Lord, is also our Friend that we can trust and rely upon at any time. We should never be envious of the soon-fading success of the wicked.

Now in this dispensation, God who is long-suffering, has given us many opportunities for the world to turn from their wicked and evil ways. If they refuse to repent, destruction awaits them, possibly both here on earth and eternity or just after their time here on earth.

For the upright in Christ Jesus, we have this assurance that the blessing of God is truly upon and in us in all we do.

Verse 34:

The humble will always receive more grace from God to do extraordinary things and be celebrated by all, but the one who continually mocks God, His children, and the supernatural works on the face of the earth and refuses to change will only be mocked by the Lord Himself.

Verse 35:

The chapter ends with the outcome of those of us who choose and seek wisdom. That outcome is honor. If a person decides not to have wisdom, reproach and shame will be that person’s portion.


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