Proverbs 21

All leaders of the earth are still under the control of the Almighty God.

  No number of things sacrificed can make the unjust and wrong actions of a man right and acceptable before God. To obey is better than sacrifice. Ask King Saul.

  When we see the wicked punished for their wrongdoing, learn the wisdom from their experience, so you can teach others not to fall in that way.

  We cry to God everyday for help and breakthroughs. Yet we haven’t answered the cry of the needy among us. Attend to their cries and God will attend to yours.

  Love for pleasure and material things will only drive a person to poverty.

  In your season of plenty, ensure you save and invest. Never squander all that comes to you.

Life, prosperity, and honor follows after the one who loves God above all things, extends God’s love to all men, and jealously chases after the righteousness of God in all things.

  Prepare well at all times but understand that it is only God that can grant victory and safety in the end.


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Proverbs 20

 The intake of alcohol has been a much-debated issue in the body of Christ. But if we listen to the wisdom of Solomon, we will realize that alcohol is truly a mocker when a person comes under its influence.


Sometimes as followers, we setup our leaders on a high pedestal of expectations. One of them is how much they should be tolerant of those they lead. Yes, all leaders ought to be tolerant, but it is important that their followers don’t push them beyond their limits of tolerance that will drive them into anger.

  There’s a blessing that rubs off on the children of a man or woman who walks in righteousness and integrity.

  Every leader must desire to have a discerning eye to properly judge an issue and make the right judgements.

  The ways of those who cheat in the things that they sell, or buy are truly displeasing to the Lord.

  There are those who discount or put down your ideas and concepts right before you but go behind your back to make boast of what they didn’t discover or think of.

  Execute a plan based on the right counsel and advice. Never make an uninformed decision, it will only lead you into a crash.

  Let’s always hold our parents in high esteem. We should never curse at them.

  There’s a connection between how far we will go in destiny with the way we treat our parents. If we will shine brightly in life, we must treat them with respect and honor.

  Sons and daughters should never be in a hurry to claim their inheritance. Wait for the appropriate time to have it.

  When the Lord directs our steps in life, we become a wonder to people and even ourselves.

  Do not be quick or in a hurry to make a vow unto the Lord. Vows should be made with utmost responsibility.

  For the unsaved man, the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment through the conscience of the spirit.

  For the saved person, the Holy Spirit (in oneness with the believer’s spirit) is able to search out the deep things of God through the functions of communion for fellowship, intuition for inspiration and direction, and the conscience to judge what is right and wrong.

  For every leader who wants to be remembered well after leaving their seat of leadership and would like to serve the people well, such a person should uphold these things;

‘Love that shows mercy and kindness as well as faithfulness that administers justice rightly and stands for the truth at all times.’

  The old and young can benefit from each other. The young are full of new vigor, energy, and strength, while the old are full of wisdom and experience. Synergise all these and I assure you that the impact and results that will be made will be truly remarkable.

  If the discipline administered to the child only inflicts pain on the physical body without correcting the wrong done, such discipline is useless. It will not produce any virtue in the child. Every discipline given must be intended in getting the child to change from within.


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Proverbs 19

Whatever you desire to be or have, ensure you are knowledgeable of everything about and around that desire, so that you don’t miss your way or sin against God.

  One of the virtues to look out for in a person who claims to have and walk in wisdom, is patience. A wise person is patient in speech, and dealings with people.

  Never marry a quarrelsome man or woman, your life will be truly miserable.

  Brothers, do you want a prudent and understanding wife? Seek the Lord’s face for direction.

  Children are to be disciplined while they are young. A time will come when you are not able to do so.   

At this point, what will dawn on you is that you were a willing party to the ruin of your children.

  There was a story of a man who was angered by the actions of another man at a bar and smashed a bottle on the head of this man. Unknown to the angry man, the man he smashed the bottle on had an underlying ailment. This man died on the spot. The angry man was charged for manslaughter, tried in court, and jailed for life.

Five minutes of anger can make a person lose a whole lifetime away from loved ones and friends.  

Check your anger and do not sin when you are angry.

  Everyone cherishes loyalty and kindness from people. When you find people with such qualities, keep them close to you because they are rare to find these days.


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Proverbs 18

How can you tell when someone is unfriendly? One who is unfriendly, only seeks his or her own interest.

  Avoid the one who is slack at everything he or she does. That person will slow you down and destroy all you have built over the years. Be discerning of those you bring into your team.

  The name in which we are all assured of safety is JESUS. There’s no other name that grants safety.

  We have two ears and one mouth. This was intentionally done by God for one out of many reasons known and unknown to us: to listen very well before we speak.

   Care for your spirit man by feeding on God’s word. When the body is down, weak, and sick, the spirit, robust of God’s Word; will sustain one through that difficult time.

  Don’t look down on your gift. Your gift has the ability to bring you before great men and women, if discovered and sharpened overtime.

  A gift also can be in substance that can be used as a means of honor. This act of honor also brings you before great men and women.

  Never conclude on who is right or wrong, until you dig deep to know the whole truth on all sides.

  When it is hard to decide who is eligible to have whatever is contended for, the best action to take is to cast lots or do an unbiased fair election of who should have it.

  As it lies in our power, be at peace with all men. Sometimes, it’s harder to resolve a dispute between a close relation than anyone else. But regardless, we must try to resolve all disputes.

  What you experience in life can be a product of what you daily speak into your life. Watch what comes out of your mouth pertaining to your destiny.

  A woman who comes into a man’s life brings with her favor from the Lord that transcends a man’s life.

  Choose your friends wisely. They could either make or mar you.


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Proverbs 17

The Inheritance of a Father will only be released to a child or children who have matured and are able to continue the legacy of their Father.

Else, the one who is not part of the Family but was loyal and faithful to the Father of the children who refused to mature, may inherit all or majority of it.

 The one who acts wickedly to others will always give ears to only lies that motivate wickedness. Truth is ignored and far from the wicked.

The lies spread by people about someone else is as a  result of the person who twisted the truth in the ears of the ones spreading the lies.

 Not everyone poor chose to be poor and even though their actions in life made them poor, never laugh about their situation or mock them for what they have become. Rather extend your help within the capacity you are able to.

 There are those who enjoy chaos, trouble, and calamity. They can never be stable in the midst of peace. Well, if they keep getting away with the chaos, troubles, and calamities they cause, one thing is sure, they won’t escape God on judgment day.

Another crown of glory of the old are the children given by God to them. It is a good thing to have children.

Children look up to their parents and take pride in them. For a son, the father and Mother are his first superhero and first love. For a daughter, the father and mother are her first love and best buddy.

Bribe has a way of changing your notion and judgment of things. It has the power to keep you shut and tell lies. Never accept any bribe from anyone.

 Be weary of those who are in the habit of reopening closed archives of wrong doings that have been forgiven. Their main aim is to bring division.

  The one who truly loves you, forgives offenses and moves on.

  The debt you owe to the one who has been good to you is love. If evil is paid back for the good done, God will take vengeance for such a person.

  Never allow a quarrel to escalate into an uncontrollable issue that can never be resolved. As much as possible quench and resolve it amicably.

  Injustice is a weightier matter in God’s Kingdom. The Lord does not take it lightly.

  There are friends who are just friends, but there are friends who are like a brother or sister that will go over and beyond to help you out through difficult times.

  Before you stand as a guarantee for someone, be sure that you really know and understand the person. It may boomerang on you if the person is an imposter.

  Stay merry and joyful if you feel down and unwell. It helps your whole being. When you are crushed on your inside, it affects your whole-body system. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength in down moments.

  One of the things that truly gladdens the heart of every parent about their children, is that they found Jesus for themselves and have chosen to walk in the way of godly wisdom in everything they do and will become.


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Proverbs 16

Have a well-thought-out plan for everything and anything that concerns your life and impacts those you lead and care for. But remember this while you plan, the one who will ensure your plans pull through is God Almighty.

Therefore, involve God before planning and commit all your plans to him, so He can show you what to do and how to get it done.

§  It isn’t what we do outwardly that really counts in the eyes of God, what counts most are the motives and intentions of our heart.

§  When we have reverence for God, we will be bold to run away from sin.

§  Jesus the fountain of mercy and the supreme truth, purged us clean of all our sin.

§  In this life, there will be those who will oppose all we say, beef us for no reason, hate the life we live and rally people against us. These are realities that cannot be avoided. But one thing is for sure, eventually God will make them be at peace with us, as long as we keep pleasing Him in all our ways.

§  There’s a high expectation set for leaders when they speak. Their speech should command and earn respect but more importantly their lips should speak justice for those who truly deserve justice and not deceits and lies.

§  Leadership is a privilege to serve people and take them to a new level. It is not a right or an entitlement to do what pleases one. The righteousness of God should be the motivation of every leader privileged to lead.

§  Anyone favored by a leader will go far. Ask Queen Esther.

§  Honor for a leader brings you into the cloud of favor. Esteem and appreciate, leaders; those who labor over you and sow their lives daily to see that you are taken good care of and comfortable.

§  Wisdom brings you into the place of wealth, not the other way round.

§  Pride can make a person lose a great opportunity, miss a destiny-helper, lose a spouse-to-be, miss a great job offer……… Pride wrecks destinies, so humble thyself.

§   Let your words be gracious and backed by love to the hearers.

§  Whatever drives you will keep you going. Jesus was driven by love that’s why He stayed through till he gave His last breath on the cross.

§  Unfolding someone’s past life who has genuinely repented, just to make a mockery of that person is truly ungodly. That’s what satan does; making accusations against Christ’s blood-bought church daily.

§  Beware of those who sow evil seeds of strife and division. They do not understand the way of peace and unity.

  Age doesn’t always qualify one to be wise. But if the one whose hair is grey and has walked and lived by the righteousness of God in their youth and still does, such person is wise and carries a crown of glory.

  In the end, only the purpose and plan of God will stand.


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Proverbs 15

When two people shout at each other in a disagreement, don’t expect a resolution. To turn away a person from anger in a disagreement, be soft spoken to answer back. This way, you will diffuse the anger boiling up within.

§  Wherever a person or a group of people go or hide to plan or plot evil against anyone, though no one may see them, there’s an omniscient being who sees all things and knows all things.

He is El Roi (Jehovah sees me)

§  Words affect the human spirit. The words we hear can make or break, strengthen or weaken, inspire, or discourage us in our spirits. Watch what you expose your ears and mind to.

§  A person may wonder why good things done, go unrecognized. Even if no one sees nor acknowledges them, know that God in heaven who sees all things in the dark and in the light, sees them. And He will certainly reward your good works in the public.

§  The love gifts and offerings of a wicked person is never acceptable by God.

Understand this, before God receives our love gifts and offerings, we ourselves must be acceptable before Him. Ask Cain, brother to Abel.

§  A person who rejects and hates reproof and correction will follow the path that leads to destruction.

§  If all the wealth and possession a man has was gotten through deception, such a person’s life will be driven and troubled by the fear of death.

§  The fear of God with little possession is better than a life of great possession that only brings trouble and calamity.

§  Sisters marry a man that will love you, cherish you and you are able to build a life with. It is better than marrying a man because of his riches. He will only hate and keep you in the house like a trophy to boast about with others in the long run of your marriage with him.     

§  Never sell your integrity and dignity by taking a bribe from someone.

§  To give right and appropriate answers, be a good observer, study people and circumstances well, and be patient to understand people and situations.

§  The only prayer of the wicked that will be answered by God, is prayer of forgiveness and repentance. It is on this basis that God will answer their request.                                    There are no answered prayers by God for the wicked.

§  Good report and good news should make you rejoice and be merry. Don’t be indifferent or cold when someone else has a good testimony in their life. Rejoice with them.

For anyone who desires to be honored, first humble thyself; abase yourself. Esteem others above you. And honor will be bestowed on you by God and men.


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Proverbs 14

A mother/wife has a great role in building of the home. She has the capacity to hold the home-front together.

§  The strength of an ox is likened to having the right people with the right skillsets to accomplish a plan or feat. To experience a harvest, success, increase and victory, you certainly need the strength of others to work with you to achieve them.

§  It is a dangerous thing to fall in the hands of a false witness. Many have suffered jail terms of 10 – 50 years due to false statements and false claims made against them. Only to realize that it was all a lie.

    Stay clear of the people who lie to get their way. They will not think twice about lying against you to save themselves from trouble. Hang around those who uphold the truth at all times, no matter the situation.

§  You cannot mock those that are fountains of wisdom and expect to walk in wisdom. Wisdom is found in the one who has an understanding and a discerning heart.

§  No joy can be experienced by a heart filled with bitterness. Rid yourself of every trace of bitterness. There’s no joy in it.

§  Whatever the wicked might have built, no matter how long it took, one day they will all be scattered like a falling pack of cards.

§  Do not be wise in your own eyes when you know the path you are about to trail is the wrong path. That path may seem good and right to you and everyone else, but God who sees the end from the beginning has seen destruction ahead. Therefore, depend on the Holy Spirit when making destiny decisions that will greatly impact your life and destiny.

§  If the flesh isn’t considered crucified in Christ, self will be predominant in the life of the believer. When such a believer is filled with self, the chances of backsliding into the old sinful ways of the past are very high.

§  Don’t be in a haste of jumping into every information people bring your way. You must carefully investigate the claims of any information brought your way before taking any decision.

§  Many are the friends of the rich yet be careful that you categorize your friends to know who to distinguish as close buddies, seasonal friends and acquaintances. Not all that call you friend are truly your friends. They are only friends because of the wealth you possess.

§  Despise no man, no matter who they are or where they are from or what they have done. It may surprise you down the road what they will eventually become in life.

§  No one rewards or profits from high grand talks of plans. What is rewarded and profited from are plans diligently executed.

§  The wise attract riches by the wisdom they possess and live by.

§  There’s no other place to have safety except in the Lord. All those who fear God which is to reverentially love and honor Him will have confidence and find a place of refuge in Him.

§  Fear God all the days of your life and you will escape the traps of the enemy that try to take the lives of men.

§  There’s honor to God our King when we usher in many from every tribe and tongue into His Kingdom.

§  When you are down in your health, check within yourself that you are not filled with envy, bitterness, and hatred. Sometimes, sickness could be as a result of these things. These things comprise the defense system of your body against sickness. A heart void of vile brings life to the whole body.

§  Whatever you do to the poor, is done unto the Lord. Let’s draw wisdom from the evil treatment given by the rich man to poor Lazarus. Do well by extending the resources the Lord has blessed you with to the less privileged and those in dire need.

§  The celebration and intentional practice of sin in a nation only brings condemnation and reproach to the people. But when righteousness is upheld and celebrated in a nation, that nation prospers.

How do you win the attention, approval, and commendation of your leader? Seek and pursue after wisdom everyday, so you can become a wiser version of yourself day after day.


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Proverbs 13

The righteous in Christ will always glow even after their time on earth. But those who practice wickedness will be snuffed out in no time.

§  Hope is only for the living. When it is deferred, it will bring discouragement and make your soul downcast. Keep hope alive at every time and season.

§  Favor is a product of good understanding. This is the secret of enjoying the favor of God and men at all times. This is why Jesus and other men like Samuel, grew in favor and wisdom before God and men.

§  To transgress means to overstep or break principles, commands, and instructions. The one who intentionally does and enjoys this will never enjoy favor from God and men.

§  It is indeed sweet to the soul when a righteous act or deed in accordance with God’s will is accomplished. But it is bitter to the soul when the acts of wickedness are accomplished.

§  One of the ways to excel in wisdom is to be surrounded with people who are wise.

§  You cannot be in the company of those who don’t share your values and expect to grow and excel in wisdom.

§  Those in the camp of darkness will always have evil lurking behind them.

§  The inheritance we leave for our children should not be limited to only physical wealth and possessions but also godly and Christ-centered heritage that will be taught from one generation to another.

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§  It is better to discipline one’s child while the child is still young than to realize that the time you would have chastised the foolishness from the child is late.

§  There’s love in disciplining a child when it is done with wisdom and out of love.

The wicked will never be content with what they have. They continually seek to get more of everything at even the cost of a person’s life. Truly contentment is great gain. Live in contentment.


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Proverbs 12

Wicked schemes devised to enthrone or promote oneself will either fail or be short-lived.

§  Be careful who you say ‘I DO’ for the rest of your life. Choose a spouse who is noble and of a virtuous character.

§  Everything the wicked plans and says is either to deceive and kill another. Choose the plans of the righteous.

§  Never be someone or something you are not just because you want to “keep up with Joneses.” Be yourself regardless of where you are in life.

§  No matter the level of status or influence attained, stay humble. Never be loud about your position or wealth.

§  When a mind is wrapped in foolishness, its difficult to see that the path that seems right is the wrong one.

§  The control of one’s anger in the spur of the moment is a true display of wisdom.

§  Truth will forever stand but lies, no matter how many times told, will be uncovered one day.

§  Be anxious for nothing. It will only wear you out.

A soul that is heavy and filled with anxiety requires refreshing words that will gladden and lift them from their heaviness.


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