The Wait

Recently stumbled on a Netflix movie based on the bestselling novel, “God’s Waiting Room” by Yewande Zaccheaus. It’s a book that was written to encourage women waiting to birth their children and it was subsequently turned into a Nigerian Netflix produced movie in 2021.

Now I do not normally watch Netflix or even watch movies like that, I was searching for another movie when I stumbled upon this movie. My eyes were opened and my spirit was literally refreshed from watching this movie that I felt myself just smiling from ear to ear at certain parts of it.

Life Lessons from Waiting

The concept of waiting applies to so many different aspects of life and the characters in the movie display that surely in various aspects of their life such as waiting for children, a job offer, marriage and more. The different characters go through various lessons and experiences through their waiting period and some of it isn’t neatly wrapped by the end of the movie. Things do not necessarily go how they initially would have thought their story would go, or even how we as an audience would have thought, yet as an audience get to learn so many pivotal lessons from their stories.

1. The Right Community is necessary

One thing that stood out to me right of was the beauty of community while in our waiting period. Having the support of people that are in similar situations to you and that you can share your struggles with without feeling judged, or like they just don’t get it. The truth is that we are all in different forms of waiting rooms and some people can relate more with others but we must seek for a community where we can plug into and receive the support we need. May we never be found wanting in our hour of need.

Although, with committing to community also means lack of control. We cannot control somebody else’s insensitivity to our feelings and situation during our waiting period. Not everyone will get it or even be able to relate to your situation. But rather we must build ourselves up so we do not crack under the pressure that others seem to portray on us or any unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves.

2. Patience and Endurance are byproducts of Waiting

We really need true patience and endurance while in the waiting room. There was an instance where one of the characters, a female medical consultant, was getting abused by a patient’s husband. The way she was spoken to can cause anyone to respond in a harsh way. Immediately after that she had an equally tough conversation with a loved one. This is all within a short span of time. This means just because we are going through something, life still happens around us regardless of our feelings. People will still do people things and say or do things that may not take out sensitive situation into consideration.

Another character is adamant she will birth her own child even while going through psychological torture and warfare from the impact of a dream that keeps haunting her. She is resolute and determined. This is a prime example of the importance in marrying well o! Get you a man that will pray for you and cover you and you likewise do the same for him! In the end, her faith was rewarded and not because she got exactly what she wanted but she trusted God and when He gave her a response, although resistant at first she came around. Trusting that her good Father, had good intentions for her and her desire to have her own family. Also, we salute a man that stands by his woman and displays fruit of the Spirit including patience and gentleness!

It is important to surround yourself with the right people and listen to counsel.

“That we smile does not mean that there is no pain.”

speech excerpt from “The Wait” 2021 film

3. Let Faith and Hope Anchor you in the Waiting

It is okay to feel our pain during the waiting room. Hope deferred sometimes makes the heart weary. BUT we must always clarify and define what the anchor for our soul is during our waiting. Another story sees a couple where the wife has lost her faith and is also losing her joy in the midst of waiting. She becomes defensive and doesn’t want to do anything else during her waiting. Anchor is what keeps us grounded in the middle of turbulent times and the storms life throws at us.

Our faith will be tested like never before but that is where we see the resolve of our faith and test the true foundation of our faith whether its based on the word of God or our assumptions and thoughts.

“We all need an anchor that holds.”

4. Learn to appreciate time and seasons in the Wait.

A funny lesson from one of the scenes in the movie, is that when you’re waiting do not look at the hours, but understand that time is but a journey. A journey that is different for each of us. It can be easy to count the months, days, hours and even years that we are waiting and expectant for that promise to come to pass and that thing to be fulfilled. Yet, life is meant for living. Everybody is on different timelines and what might take you longer may not take someone as much time. In the movie, a husband and wife are grieving their multiple miscarriages differently. One would think that time would have healed all wounds. Yet, they chose different way to heal. So because one spouse went a different route doesn’t mean the other spouse will take the same path and take the same time to arrive at the end destination. By the end they realize that they had the same hurt and they required patience with each other to understand each person’s perspective.

Just because you see God doing something for others does not mean there is something wrong with you.

5. Do Not Waste the Purpose of the Wait

The waiting room builds resilience, strength, it cultivates joy and purpose. There is always purpose in the waiting and sometimes in the pain of the waiting.

One thing about God is that no man can see or stop his Hand. A cascade of fortunate events, turn a waiting period that could have been sour into a life changing experience. The story of a young man looking for a job and trying all methods to find anything to do, rather than stay bitter and angry is such an inspiring narrative! On the advice from his friend, he employs his current talents and finds other ways to engage himself and also creates a safe haven for the children in his neighborhood. In doing this, an opportunity presents itself and he seizes it by making sure he is prepared with his qualifications.

Life doesn’t stop even though we are waiting for something, therefore why do we stop living life?

musings with mo

The same place you were chased out, from is the same place they will call you back to for an appointment.

Closing statements

“It’s a privilege to wait on God.”

excerpt from ‘The Wait’ 2021 film

Let’s not even begin to dissect the excellent and diverse choice of actors, the sombre yet moving soundtrack, great transitions, power packed one liners (that are littered through this review) and just all round pure vibes!

Man, if ever I would ever recommend a movie as a non-Netflix watcher, this would be the one for me! It is an absolute must watch for 2023. Whatever you are hoping for, it can be encapsulated in one form or another in this beautiful and well crafted movie.

He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time. He has also planted eternity [a sense of divine purpose] in the human heart [a mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy, except God]—yet man cannot find out (comprehend, grasp) what God has done (His overall plan) from the beginning to the end

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (AMP)

The one thing I struggled with though was the protagonist in Dr Nara, she always seemed to be so strong and available for her group and I really wondered if she had someone to counsel her as well. It can be so easy to always be that strong pillar for others and never accept any help or needed support for yourself. Plus, the fact that her story of waiting was left in limbo was a little apprehensive. But, then I guess that is how real life works. We do not always get everything we so desire. Plus, I truly think she’s fulfilled in waiting and allowing her life serve a purpose for those in her community. We see the end shots of the movie that she still continues to provide a safe space and supportive community for her friends and their loved ones.

May we learn to find purpose in our waiting and to exercise joy and patience through it all!

If I could summarize the key points learnt from the movie it would be what is mentioned in the closing sequence:

Do not waste the wait. We are transformed from who we are to who He has called us to be.

Also, Shout out to all the #GirlDads!


Mo 🙂


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