An Ode to The One

An Ode is a ceremonial lyrical poem that addresses and often celebrates a person, place, thing or idea.

Today’s ode is dedicated to the One.

To The Lover of My Soul,

The One that is able to bring purpose and direction out of chaos and confusion. He brings clarity in moments of distress and discomfort.

The One who shows up right on time. The One that makes ALL things beautiful in its own time.

The One in whom we live, move, breathe and have our being. He is the One that gives us identity and a purpose. The One that gives our life meaning and direction. 

The One who infuses us with strength and causes us to mount up on wings like eagles. 

The One who nourishes our soul which is the seating place of our emotions, personality and thoughts.

The One who has amazing plans for us. The One who makes us His masterpiece, the pinnacle of His creation and the conduit of his eternal glory.

The One who is seated in heavenly places yet is invested in the very intricacies of our lives.

The One with the power and ability to transform our nature and thoughts.

The One who can turn us the right side up and turn things right way around for us. 

The One who commands the birds of the air, the seas, the waters and all of the firmaments.

To the Almighty One, to the Everlasting One. 

An Ode to the One

The One that is the source of our righteousness and strength.

The Only One worthy to be exalted on high.

The One that is Elohim, Adonai, our Lord and Master


The One with the power, authority and influence to rule in our hearts, our lives and all of creation.

The One that the angels and celestial beings bow down in reverence to.

The One that is set apart from all other beings.

The One that speaks and causes all thing to fall into place, all of creation stands in attention at your Word and command.

The One with the power and ability to save, redeem, sustain and transform us.

The One that handles us with gentleness, patience and kindness.

The One that fills us with his peace, joy and everlasting love.

The One that is the source of our hope and the anchor for our soul.

The One that is faithful even when we fail Him and live recklessly. The only way He treats us recklessly is in His manner of loving.

The One that is intentional about every iota and map of our lives.

The One that will NEVER leave or forsake us.

The One that is always fighting for us, advocating for us and bringing us back to Himself.

To the Supreme One, To the Almighty One.

Thank you for loving us. Thank you for seeing us (El Roi). Thank you for hearing us.

We are eternally grateful.

May our whole lives prove that indeed you are Good.

May all the angels bow under the heavy weight of reverence due You, Oh God! On bended knees with faces to the ground, may they express homage to You who are set apart from all other beings! You have only to say the word and all of creation falls into line, snapping to attention. You speak to chaos and disorder, and purposeful life forms and flourishes. Your voice is the invincible force…unequivocal grandeur. When You say the word, tyrants topple and disasters dissipate, vanishing with one blow of Your breath. Oh, Lord, fill us with Your awesome strength! Wield Your power to transform us in every way!


Mo 🙂

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A young woman on a mission to discovering purpose, to inspire growth and contribute to the Kingdom mandate. On the blog we are all about learning and growing and this is done through writing on topics from Faith, Education, Music, Food, Travel and so much more... (Romans 12:2)

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