Proverbs 25

The glory of God is concealed not because He doesn’t want us to see and experience it, but rather to spur an interest in us kings and priests of His kingdom to dig up and search out His glory.  

A good leader’s understanding is vast in many subject matters and has a profound depth.

As a leader, you should be careful of the people you bring into your leadership team.  Having a team of people with evil intentions and motives can be disastrous to the leader.

Never force your way or forcefully place yourself before people of influence or before the presence of a leader. Let God bring you into the presence of the great, as you diligently work and serve Him.

The invitation or the welcome of a leader to be noticed, celebrated and rewarded, is better than trying to make oneself noticed before them at all cost.

As much as it lies in our power, we should resolve any matter or issue we have with others without going to the court to be judged by non-christian magistrate or jury or judge. These matters or issues could be arbitrated and setteled.

Sometimes, we need to be tolerant and let go of some issues we have with people. 

Suing people should not be our first response to settle issues.

We must speak the right and fitting words per season and per time to people and about situations. We shouldn’t run our mouths for the sake of talking or talk down on people to show off and break time.

Never boast about what you don’t have. Let your boast always be in God – that you know and understand Him.

Most times, when you bring up a matter before a leader, he or she could be defensive. But if we want to see changes, we must exercise patience. 

Speak softly and gently to the one who is rash and resistive, and you will penetrate his or her heart to do or give that which you desire.

Eat in moderation. Don’t eat beyond what your body can bear. You may not like yourself after you have stuffed yourself with lots of food.

Be conscious about how many times you show up at your friend’s place or anywhere. You shouldn’t be always visible everywhere. 

Respect for a person is lost when you are constantly showing up everywhere. Learn to withdraw from the crowd at certain times.

False testimonies and lies against a person truly cut and pierce the soul. 

Don’t be carried away by those who depend on you only in their time of adversity. When it is all over, they let go of you in a heartbeat.

When we are down, discouraged and perturbed by the issues of life, let’s reach out for soul uplifting gospel music that will encourage and lift us up from our awkward situation.

When it is in our power to help out or a situation arises to show kindness to those who hate and dislike us, do not hesitate to do so. This act of love is what distinguishes us from other faiths in the world. And I tell you, such a person will be moved by the love shown and God in heaven will reward us greatly.

Good news is indeed refreshing to the soul.

Stand for righteousness at all times. Never give room for wickedness nor compromise your standards in Jesus Christ.

We should never try to seek our own glory, and we should never try to blow our own trumpet. Let God and others be the ones to advertise us and the work we do.

There’s no sin in getting angry over a situation or a person but it becomes a sin when we can’t control ourselves in the times we are angry. 

When we say hurtful words, or strike a person in anger, we have sinned.

Self-control is key for anger, appetite and lustful sexual desires.


Mo 🙂

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