Proverbs 24

For whatever we desire to build, increase and  establish, let’s ensure these three elements are present:

  • Wisdom is required to build
  • Knowledge is required for constant increase
  • Understanding is required to be established

Increase in knowledge will increase us in strength; mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and relationally.

Life can present us with a series of battles and wars to fight before proceeding to the next phase of our lives. So before you engage in a battle and while you are at it, seek counsel from those you believe have gone ahead of you and conquered similar battles you are about to face or are facing.

And as you seek and get counsel, ensure that their advice lines up with the witness of the Holy Spirit within you.

Gates in scriptures can connote the place of decision or a point to which people can enter into a new season for their lives.

Always pray that people filled with wisdom will be the ones making wise decisions at the gates of your career, ministry, business, academic, cities, province, country etc.

When you have the unwise (foolish) making decisions, it will only lead to catastrophe and disaster.

The true test of our strength isn’t in the time of ease rather it is in the time of adversity and trouble. 

If we are prepared and strong, we will make it through to the end of the tunnel; not depleted in strength but further strengthened to encourage others in their time of adversity. 

Do not turn a blind eye when you see and know your brother or sister is about to fall into a big mess or about to fall into a big trap. 

The taste and feeling of being wise is like honey. It is truly good and sweet to be wise. Being wise attracts resources to you and brings unending rewards to our labor.

There’s hope and assurance for the justified in Christ when they fall into calamity, God will always make a way out for them.

Don’t cease the opportunity of rejoicing and laughing at someone who has been against you or your enemy or the wicked when they fall, fail, crash and stumble. This could be an opportunity to witness the gospel to such a person. 

Rebellion against authorities doesn’t produce change. To see changes, it must be respectfully, tactically and prayerfully thought-out, planned and proposed to the existing leadership.

Blessed is the judge who administers justice well and impartially: convicts the guilty and acquits the innocent of all accusations and charges.

Giving an honest or right answer is truly soothing and is able to win the hearts of people.

Nothing is built without first making adequate preparation.

Revenge is of the Lord, let God fight back for you. Don’t take revenge on those who hurt, criticize and hate you.

Sleep is good for the restoration of the body cells and strength. But if one has the habit of always oversleeping, laziness will kick in and make such a person useless.                                      

Ultimately oversleeping will lead to a life of struggle, difficulty, poverty and scarcity. Sleep moderately.


Mo 🙂

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