Proverbs 23

Self control, which is an expression of the fruit of the Spirit; applies majorly to three areas in our lives: sexual control, anger control and appetite control. When we are presented with delicacies of food to munch and enjoy before a leader or anyone, we must exercise self-control over what we eat and how we eat. 


Lack of control over the stomach’s appetite has led to the selling of their birthright (ask Esau), exchange of their integrity, death by poisoning, drugging and kidnap and weight-gain that has led to sicknesses and even death of many people.  

We should take control of our appetite, we will need this while we fast and pray. 

You have the power through the Holy Spirit coupled with your will to be in control of your belly. 

  • I believe Paul referenced verse  4 of this chapter when he wrote his first letter to his beloved son-in-the-Lord and protegee, Timothy, not to be consumed by the love of money and be lustfully led into making money to become rich by all means.

God isn’t against anyone getting rich. As we know, He is the source of the power to make wealth. But when we become consumed about getting rich or richer by ‘hook or by crook’, we simply substitute the Lordship of Jesus Christ over life with mamon (money). Money, created by man, ends up becoming the motivation and intent for everything man, the creator, does.

Anyone blessed with riches and possession should never put their trust and confidence in them. Our confidence and trust should always and wholly be in God. The riches and possessions that are held too tightly for many years, can easily disappear in minutes. But God is forever and eternally present for us to tightly hold on to, trust and be confident in His sustaining power in our lives.

Be careful of those who show you kindness out of a grungy and  evil heart. They have an evil intention for you to pay back the kindness that has been shown.

When you sense someone’s mind is totally closed against the gospel truth, waste no further time explaining the truth. Commend such a person to the Holy Spirit to open his or her mind.

Be careful how you treat children who are fatherless or motherless or have lost both Parents. If you shame them or maltreat them, know that God in heaven will stand for them against you.

There’s a difference between word of knowledge and words of knowledge. One is a gift of the Holy Spirit that reveals certain information of the past or present, while the other is about the accumulation of the thoughts of God and His instructive ways for living that make us walk in wisdom when applied with understanding.

Disciplining in love and with wisdom can never kill  children. It will only help shape and mold them into the person of Jesus Christ, and make them stronger in character and attitude. 

No parent will ever be proud of a child that communicates and lives by lies. It truly saddens them. A child who speaks the truth and stands by the truth will always bring joy to a parent.

Wisdom from within enables the mouth to speak well and rightly per time and season. Therefore, seek to be wise.

We all have our own lanes and paths in life. Being overly envious of another man’s success on another lane is truly not a wise action, particularly if the person isn’t a believer. We should never be envious of their achievements and successes.

We should never lose hope of whatever expectations and promises in accordance to God’s will that we are trusting Him for. Surely, He’s going to bring them to pass.

The company of drunkards and gluttons will only lead a person to become broke and lazy in life.

A parent’s advice that has no contradictions to the Word and ways of God, is truly golden and beneficial to the living and for advancing in life.

An old adage from a proverbial country in Africa states; ‘What a young man can see climbing a palm tree far off, an elderly man has seen while sitting.’

There are experiences that our parents have seen and gone through, and have made them better advisors on the counsel we seek to obtain.

No parent should ever be despised in their old age. They desire us to talk with them, check on them, love and honor them in ways that bring them joy. 

Have you spoken or checked on your parents recently?

Truth (wisdom, knowledge and understanding) cannot be bought with money but it is bought with a panting, a desire, a hunger and a thirst to know and walk in it. 

And when truth is bought this way, do not sell it for lies or to cheat people of their money. 

When a married person finds his way to the abode of an adulterous spouse, such a person has signed up for a deep mess. 

To the married, don’t add to the number of unfaithfuls. Love and be committed to your spouse.  

These are the things that can happen to the one who drinks and is always intoxicated by alcohol:

  • Poisons your body system e.g liver
  • Blurring vision that makes one intoxicated becoming a potential weapon of destruction and sorrow to those driving and walking 
  • Compromised brain judgment and depletion in the brain’s intelligence
  • Dizziness behind the wheel of a vehicle leading to being found sleeping in a ditch

And the cycle continues for every drink of alcohol consumed.


Mo 🙂

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