Proverbs 22

Whatever you do or are engaged in, ensure your name is never soiled into an unalterable matter that will impact many that come after you down your generation.  

  • Having all the money, gold, diamonds, rubbies, and silver in the world  will mean nothing and bring no impact, if the person who possesses them has a bad story attached to his or her name. 

A good name is truly more desirable than great riches.

  • Let not the rich look down on those who are poor, for you have no idea how they became poor and let not the poor envy and slander the rich. Not everyone who is rich earned their riches dubiously. Some worked really hard for it. 

The Lord our maker, is the same God to the rich and the poor. 

  • The cost of being naive in life can be dangerous because there are traps and pitfalls the enemy sets on our path of life. It will take a prudent mind filled with the wisdom of God to foresee them, so as to either flee or hide from them to escape destruction.
  • Riches, honor and life will always follow those who humble themselves and fear the Lord.
  • Those who are crooked in their ways and dupe people will one day fall into their own trap of thorns and snares they have set for others.
  • A child may take a different path than the path of the Lord but one thing is very sure; that child will return back the way he or she was raised in the Lord.
  • Start training a child early, no child is too young to be taught the ways of Jesus Christ. Start early dear Parents.
  • Don’t borrow what you are unable or beyond what you are able to payback within an agreed time frame, if possible don’t borrow at all. Live within your means.  The lender will always call the shot and dictate how the borrower must live. 
  • There’s no joy or delight in poverty. Being poor isn’t the absence of physical wealth. It is a function of a mind deprived of the necessary financial wisdom needed to generate, possess and multiply wealth worked for and gotten through investment. 

Choose to be rich, so you can meet your needs and be a blessing to those around you.

  • Enjoy the injustice meted on the innocent. Let the eye of the law be closed against the cries of the innocent. Lock up and throw away the keys of the prison cells caging the innocents from their families and friends. Keep doing all these and getting away with it. But be rest assured that the Supreme Judge of all judges who is the judge of all the earth will judge at the end for the pains and cries meted on the innocent and all those who loved them.

Therefore, Judge rightly. And administer justice correctly.

  • Those who are generous to the poor will certainly lack nothing. For they are truly blessed by God.
  • Leaders want friends who have no vile in their heart but a heart of purity and love. They will also like to have friends whose words from their lips are gracious.
  •  There’s nothing done on the face of the earth that’s unknown to God. God who sees in the dark, knows all things carried out by the pure and treacherous. 
  • The words of the treacherous or wicked will always be overthrown and frustrated for His glory and the sake of the righteous.
  • Drive out the foolishness within a child through discipline while the child is still young before it becomes late.
  • The one who oppresses the poor to be enriched with the wealth for them and the one who always bribes his or her way with judges or anyone on the seat of leadership both have the same fate of poverty and destruction if they fail to repent.
  • There are traditions and cultures that have been passed on from our fathers and mothers passed unto them from those before them that we must respect, honor and continue to live by. But if these traditions and cultures are in huge contrast or in misalignment with the ways of Jesus and culture of His Kingdom, please waste no time in dumping them in the garbage. Observe and continue only that which is of Jesus and His Kingdom.

You may not see the full picture of the reward of your diligence now but I guarantee you that your diligence will bring you before the seats and tables of the Greats.

Keep being diligent.



Mo 🙂

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