Proverbs 20

 The intake of alcohol has been a much-debated issue in the body of Christ. But if we listen to the wisdom of Solomon, we will realize that alcohol is truly a mocker when a person comes under its influence.


Sometimes as followers, we setup our leaders on a high pedestal of expectations. One of them is how much they should be tolerant of those they lead. Yes, all leaders ought to be tolerant, but it is important that their followers don’t push them beyond their limits of tolerance that will drive them into anger.

  There’s a blessing that rubs off on the children of a man or woman who walks in righteousness and integrity.

  Every leader must desire to have a discerning eye to properly judge an issue and make the right judgements.

  The ways of those who cheat in the things that they sell, or buy are truly displeasing to the Lord.

  There are those who discount or put down your ideas and concepts right before you but go behind your back to make boast of what they didn’t discover or think of.

  Execute a plan based on the right counsel and advice. Never make an uninformed decision, it will only lead you into a crash.

  Let’s always hold our parents in high esteem. We should never curse at them.

  There’s a connection between how far we will go in destiny with the way we treat our parents. If we will shine brightly in life, we must treat them with respect and honor.

  Sons and daughters should never be in a hurry to claim their inheritance. Wait for the appropriate time to have it.

  When the Lord directs our steps in life, we become a wonder to people and even ourselves.

  Do not be quick or in a hurry to make a vow unto the Lord. Vows should be made with utmost responsibility.

  For the unsaved man, the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment through the conscience of the spirit.

  For the saved person, the Holy Spirit (in oneness with the believer’s spirit) is able to search out the deep things of God through the functions of communion for fellowship, intuition for inspiration and direction, and the conscience to judge what is right and wrong.

  For every leader who wants to be remembered well after leaving their seat of leadership and would like to serve the people well, such a person should uphold these things;

‘Love that shows mercy and kindness as well as faithfulness that administers justice rightly and stands for the truth at all times.’

  The old and young can benefit from each other. The young are full of new vigor, energy, and strength, while the old are full of wisdom and experience. Synergise all these and I assure you that the impact and results that will be made will be truly remarkable.

  If the discipline administered to the child only inflicts pain on the physical body without correcting the wrong done, such discipline is useless. It will not produce any virtue in the child. Every discipline given must be intended in getting the child to change from within.


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