Proverbs 17

The Inheritance of a Father will only be released to a child or children who have matured and are able to continue the legacy of their Father.

Else, the one who is not part of the Family but was loyal and faithful to the Father of the children who refused to mature, may inherit all or majority of it.

 The one who acts wickedly to others will always give ears to only lies that motivate wickedness. Truth is ignored and far from the wicked.

The lies spread by people about someone else is as a  result of the person who twisted the truth in the ears of the ones spreading the lies.

 Not everyone poor chose to be poor and even though their actions in life made them poor, never laugh about their situation or mock them for what they have become. Rather extend your help within the capacity you are able to.

 There are those who enjoy chaos, trouble, and calamity. They can never be stable in the midst of peace. Well, if they keep getting away with the chaos, troubles, and calamities they cause, one thing is sure, they won’t escape God on judgment day.

Another crown of glory of the old are the children given by God to them. It is a good thing to have children.

Children look up to their parents and take pride in them. For a son, the father and Mother are his first superhero and first love. For a daughter, the father and mother are her first love and best buddy.

Bribe has a way of changing your notion and judgment of things. It has the power to keep you shut and tell lies. Never accept any bribe from anyone.

 Be weary of those who are in the habit of reopening closed archives of wrong doings that have been forgiven. Their main aim is to bring division.

  The one who truly loves you, forgives offenses and moves on.

  The debt you owe to the one who has been good to you is love. If evil is paid back for the good done, God will take vengeance for such a person.

  Never allow a quarrel to escalate into an uncontrollable issue that can never be resolved. As much as possible quench and resolve it amicably.

  Injustice is a weightier matter in God’s Kingdom. The Lord does not take it lightly.

  There are friends who are just friends, but there are friends who are like a brother or sister that will go over and beyond to help you out through difficult times.

  Before you stand as a guarantee for someone, be sure that you really know and understand the person. It may boomerang on you if the person is an imposter.

  Stay merry and joyful if you feel down and unwell. It helps your whole being. When you are crushed on your inside, it affects your whole-body system. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength in down moments.

  One of the things that truly gladdens the heart of every parent about their children, is that they found Jesus for themselves and have chosen to walk in the way of godly wisdom in everything they do and will become.


Mo 🙂

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