Proverbs 15

When two people shout at each other in a disagreement, don’t expect a resolution. To turn away a person from anger in a disagreement, be soft spoken to answer back. This way, you will diffuse the anger boiling up within.

§  Wherever a person or a group of people go or hide to plan or plot evil against anyone, though no one may see them, there’s an omniscient being who sees all things and knows all things.

He is El Roi (Jehovah sees me)

§  Words affect the human spirit. The words we hear can make or break, strengthen or weaken, inspire, or discourage us in our spirits. Watch what you expose your ears and mind to.

§  A person may wonder why good things done, go unrecognized. Even if no one sees nor acknowledges them, know that God in heaven who sees all things in the dark and in the light, sees them. And He will certainly reward your good works in the public.

§  The love gifts and offerings of a wicked person is never acceptable by God.

Understand this, before God receives our love gifts and offerings, we ourselves must be acceptable before Him. Ask Cain, brother to Abel.

§  A person who rejects and hates reproof and correction will follow the path that leads to destruction.

§  If all the wealth and possession a man has was gotten through deception, such a person’s life will be driven and troubled by the fear of death.

§  The fear of God with little possession is better than a life of great possession that only brings trouble and calamity.

§  Sisters marry a man that will love you, cherish you and you are able to build a life with. It is better than marrying a man because of his riches. He will only hate and keep you in the house like a trophy to boast about with others in the long run of your marriage with him.     

§  Never sell your integrity and dignity by taking a bribe from someone.

§  To give right and appropriate answers, be a good observer, study people and circumstances well, and be patient to understand people and situations.

§  The only prayer of the wicked that will be answered by God, is prayer of forgiveness and repentance. It is on this basis that God will answer their request.                                    There are no answered prayers by God for the wicked.

§  Good report and good news should make you rejoice and be merry. Don’t be indifferent or cold when someone else has a good testimony in their life. Rejoice with them.

For anyone who desires to be honored, first humble thyself; abase yourself. Esteem others above you. And honor will be bestowed on you by God and men.


Mo 🙂

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