Proverbs 14

A mother/wife has a great role in building of the home. She has the capacity to hold the home-front together.

§  The strength of an ox is likened to having the right people with the right skillsets to accomplish a plan or feat. To experience a harvest, success, increase and victory, you certainly need the strength of others to work with you to achieve them.

§  It is a dangerous thing to fall in the hands of a false witness. Many have suffered jail terms of 10 – 50 years due to false statements and false claims made against them. Only to realize that it was all a lie.

    Stay clear of the people who lie to get their way. They will not think twice about lying against you to save themselves from trouble. Hang around those who uphold the truth at all times, no matter the situation.

§  You cannot mock those that are fountains of wisdom and expect to walk in wisdom. Wisdom is found in the one who has an understanding and a discerning heart.

§  No joy can be experienced by a heart filled with bitterness. Rid yourself of every trace of bitterness. There’s no joy in it.

§  Whatever the wicked might have built, no matter how long it took, one day they will all be scattered like a falling pack of cards.

§  Do not be wise in your own eyes when you know the path you are about to trail is the wrong path. That path may seem good and right to you and everyone else, but God who sees the end from the beginning has seen destruction ahead. Therefore, depend on the Holy Spirit when making destiny decisions that will greatly impact your life and destiny.

§  If the flesh isn’t considered crucified in Christ, self will be predominant in the life of the believer. When such a believer is filled with self, the chances of backsliding into the old sinful ways of the past are very high.

§  Don’t be in a haste of jumping into every information people bring your way. You must carefully investigate the claims of any information brought your way before taking any decision.

§  Many are the friends of the rich yet be careful that you categorize your friends to know who to distinguish as close buddies, seasonal friends and acquaintances. Not all that call you friend are truly your friends. They are only friends because of the wealth you possess.

§  Despise no man, no matter who they are or where they are from or what they have done. It may surprise you down the road what they will eventually become in life.

§  No one rewards or profits from high grand talks of plans. What is rewarded and profited from are plans diligently executed.

§  The wise attract riches by the wisdom they possess and live by.

§  There’s no other place to have safety except in the Lord. All those who fear God which is to reverentially love and honor Him will have confidence and find a place of refuge in Him.

§  Fear God all the days of your life and you will escape the traps of the enemy that try to take the lives of men.

§  There’s honor to God our King when we usher in many from every tribe and tongue into His Kingdom.

§  When you are down in your health, check within yourself that you are not filled with envy, bitterness, and hatred. Sometimes, sickness could be as a result of these things. These things comprise the defense system of your body against sickness. A heart void of vile brings life to the whole body.

§  Whatever you do to the poor, is done unto the Lord. Let’s draw wisdom from the evil treatment given by the rich man to poor Lazarus. Do well by extending the resources the Lord has blessed you with to the less privileged and those in dire need.

§  The celebration and intentional practice of sin in a nation only brings condemnation and reproach to the people. But when righteousness is upheld and celebrated in a nation, that nation prospers.

How do you win the attention, approval, and commendation of your leader? Seek and pursue after wisdom everyday, so you can become a wiser version of yourself day after day.


Mo 🙂

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