Proverbs 11

The one who possesses wisdom does not boast, but the one filled with pride will only end in shame.

§  On the day of judgment, riches have no value. What will count most are the righteous deeds done through the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

§  There is no hope for the unjust after their lifetime on earth.

§  The speech of the hypocrite against a person is dangerous. Be weary and watchful of them.

§  The one with knowledge that’s understood will certainly know what to do per time.

§  When an oppressive wicked man leaves a place or the face of the earth, there’s rejoicing not for him but for freedom from his wicked acts.

§  Everyone celebrates the righteous for the things done well. Anywhere they go the people there are blessed to have them.

§  Those who cause strife and division are void of God’s wisdom. The wisdom of God always promotes peace and unity whatever the situation may be.

§  Be careful of the person you share your secrets with. There are those that derive pleasure knowing about your life and spreading your secrets to gain popularity or to feel relevant. Share your pertinent matters with only those who are trustworthy and mean well for you.

§  Decisions made must be on the basis of information gathered by wise counsels. There’s always safety when we make informed decisions

§  When you put forward a surety for anyone, ensure it is done for the one you know very well.

§  Riches doesn’t bring honor; it is being gracious and kind that brings honor to any man.

§  Being merciful isn’t only beneficial to the recipients but also to the individual who is merciful at all times.

§  The one who chooses to show no mercy is wicked and the deeds of the wicked are truly deceptive. Be careful how you engage with them.

§  Life is the reward for righteousness and death is reward for evil deeds.

§   The Lord truly has great delight in those who walk uprightly.

§  Be not deceived by the beauty of a woman or the handsomeness of a man if he or she is without good manners and good judgment.

§  Those who are true givers shall never lack. They will keep increasing. But for the stingy and selfish, they only withhold their riches unto poverty.

§  They that seek good for others will certainly enjoy the goodness of God. But all those who are interested in deceiving and bringing people down will certainly be brought down and fall into their deception.

§  Anyone who puts their trust in God will never be put to shame and will flourish in the land, but those who trust in riches will be disappointed and will fall badly.

§   Hold your family in dignity and high esteem. Maintain peace and quench every fire of chaos and trouble.

§  A man who intentionally lives in foolishness will be a servant to the man who is wise at heart.

§  When you win souls, it is an act of God’s wisdom.

Nothing done in this life here on earth will go unrewarded. Therefore, choose righteousness so that life would be your reward


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