Proverbs 10

Solomon specifically wrote all the Proverbs from chapter 10 – 29. And they are rich in wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

They are still very relevant to us, even though they were written years and years ago.

For each of the chapters written specifically by Solomon, major verses will be expounded on to bring more light and insight:

§  Wisdom applied by children brings joy to parents, but the way of foolishness only brings them grief and sorrow.

§  A man can steal many things today, but rest assured that all that was stolen will disappear tomorrow.

§  As long as we walk in the righteousness of God, He will always make our needs met.

§  Work isn’t a curse on man, it is the means by which God blesses us with wealth when done diligently.

§  Preparation for every season of life, just like the ant, is surely great wisdom displayed.

§  The blessings of God are truly evident in the lives of those who choose to be righteous but for the wicked, only their deeds of evil speak of them.

§  When a person lives in righteousness, their name can be used as an access to great opportunities by others including their children. But if a person lives in wickedness, I guarantee you that person’s name will block every access to opportunities for the one who uses it, including their children. This is sorrowful.

§  Don’t waste your time on a person who intentionally wants to live in foolishness, rather spend your energy and time counseling and instructing the one who wants to live in wisdom.

§  The end of a man that lives in crookedness will only lead to shame, but the man of integrity is secured no matter the season of life or wherever he goes.

§  Can it be said of us that our mouth surely is a fountain or well of life that brings refreshing and edifying words or a well of violence and wickedness that only stirs hatred? Which is it?

§  The rod should not be spared but used in wisdom and love to bring understanding for the one who is void of it.

§  The real treasures of the wise are not the possessions and cash stocked up in multiple accounts, rather they are the accumulated banks of knowledge acquired and thoroughly understood overtime.

§  There’s surely no glory and defense living in poverty. Poverty makes a man vulnerable and exposed to compromises and attacks.

§  The end of the wicked’s labor will only lead to sin and death but the labor of the righteous leads to life and righteousness.

§  Control and restrain the lips are a true display of wisdom and maturity.

§  Any blessing of God never leaves us in sorrow afterwards, instead it brings wealth in all areas of life.

§  The wicked may appear bold outwardly but inwardly all their actions are dictated and influenced by fear.

§  The righteous in Jesus Christ are held firm on the rock of all ages but the one who is wicked, and evil will be swept away when the raging storms of life come their way.

§  Don’t use a lazy person for any task even if it is simple, you will only be wearied of frustration.

§  God’s ways in any area of life will always safeguard anyone that chooses to do things His way.

§   Those who live in righteousness shall inherit the earth. There’s no stake for the wicked in eternity in the new earth.

§  To find what will be acceptable in the sight of God, don’t meet and listen to the one who is vile and filled with evil but meet and listen to the one who treasures the righteousness of God above everything that pertains to this life.


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