Proverbs 5

It will interest you to know that the books of Bible were not originally divided into chapters and verses. It was two early Church fathers who at different times in history, divided the scriptures into chapters and verses. 

The reason I state this is because this Chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter.

Today in our world, as stated earlier in the previous post, the sanctity of purity has been thrown into garbage. Sex with multiple partners has become a norm. Many married men have side-chicks they hide to satisfy their sexual gratifications and pleasures, and married women are preying on young men to satisfy their sexual desires. Sadly, this is the world we live in today.

The advice of the father to his son addresses the following:

o Purity while single

o Fleeing sexual sin

o Faithfulness in marriage

o The danger of engaging in premarital sex and adultery

We as children of the kingdom must be different from the world. It should never be okay having sex before marriage or committing adultery and just tagging it ‘An entanglement.’ This thing should not be mentioned in our camp.

The results of not heeding to the wisdom of God in the area of sexual purity is devastating and costly to one’s destiny. I agree that our loving heavenly Father will forgive anyone who falls short in this area, but the negative impact may still remain.

For instance

–  adultery may result to a divorce,

–  premarital sex may lead to HIV, or soul-ties to persons in covenant with evil spirits that waste destinies etc.

We must attend to the wisdom of God and give ears to His guiding principles on marriage and sexual purity.

Keep away from sex till you are married to the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh. If you have fallen in this area, don’t feel condemned or judged, seek forgiveness from God, break every soul tie with the blood of Jesus and genuinely repent from your old ways.

For those married, enjoy the assessable pleasures and love of your spouse, flee from every appearance of evil, particularly sexual sin, and stay faithful to your spouse.


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