Proverbs 3

This chapter starts out with ‘My son’. I’m sure ladies would be like, ‘ I’m not sure this particular chapter applies to me’. On the contrary, it applies to all sons and daughters of this kingdom.

In this chapter, we see an elderly father sharing some deep counsels to his son or a young boy.

Verses 1 – 4

Reveal to us the relationship between the length of days on earth and God’s instructions. Disobeying and ignoring God’s instructions will only lead to a wasted life.

Verses 5 – 6:

There’s no doubt that God has given us wonderful minds that produce brilliant ideas, concepts, and strategies to achieve a feat or solve a problem or to make a move and so on. The minds of men have truly been the drive behind the technological advancements and improvements we see today.  But there’s a huge mistake man makes and unfortunately citizens of God’s Kingdom are guilty of this; it is that we are most times overly dependent on ourselves, natural advantages, or the network of people we have at our disposal to use. Trusting in God doesn’t mean that we put our minds and hands to sleep, it is our courageous confidence in God in all our ways; the resolute confidence in the unchanging abilities of God in whatever situation we find ourselves.

God should always be acknowledged on all sides, on all fronts and in all ways of our lives. Acknowledgment means ‘to honorably consider’. God wants to be considered in all that we do and ever become.

God wants us to involve Him in every room of our lives. He doesn’t just want to be invited into the living room; He wants to be involved in your private room.

What are these rooms? The areas of our lives – spiritual, emotional, finances, career, academics, relationships, social life, ministry, etc. Let God be at the center of all these areas. Let us acknowledge Him in everything we do in these areas, no matter how small or how big.

Verses 7 – 8:

An overestimation of our abilities or ourselves above God’s abilities makes us self dependent from God. We should never be carried away by the advantages or influences we have in our lives at the expense of our loving reverence for God. We should rid every seed of pride that tries to make us look wise in our eyes.

Evil practiced by anyone is a decision made on the basis of freewill. Every person with a conscience on earth has the choice to run or flee from any evil practice against God’s expectations and against humanity.

The combination of fearing God (which brings wisdom) and shunning evil is tremendously beneficial to the sustenance of our physical health. For example, if out of reverence for God a single man keeps himself from sex until marriage, such person will be free from STDs that could weaken his immune system and reduce his life span.

Verses 9-10:

Honor is an act of recognition of a person based on the title held, position held, gifting possessed, benevolent acts shown, contribution made to humanity, etc. Our God surpasses all these requirements. He deserves all honor, glory, and power. 

One of the many ways God has prescribed for us to honor Him, is with our possessions and wealth. With the contention on the subject of tithing, we should be very aware that honor and love are supposed to be the basis to tithe. When we tithe 10% of our income, we are simply recognizing God as the giver of all the wealth we possess.

Indeed, those who tithe and honor the Lord with their substance get a bountiful blessing in return.

Chapter 3:11-12:

Love without correction is not genuine love but pretentious love. Corrections are most times never palatable for us to receive. But they make us better Christians.

The corrections from our parents or any parent figure should never be neglected. So also, should the corrections of our heavenly Father mete out to us through the Holy Spirit.

Verses 13 – 18:

The worth and value of wisdom is described in great detail for us to desire it.

Wisdom is more valuable than gold, silver, and rubies.

In wisdom we can access riches and experience honor.

Wisdom helps us elongate our time on earth.

Wisdom leads to peace.

This wisdom spoken of is certainly heavenly wisdom. The wisdom of this world or devilish wisdom cannot produce these benefits.

Verses 19 – 24:

The father further reveals how God used wisdom, understanding and knowledge to create the earth, heavens, and the depths of the sea. He then mentioned to his son not to let go of them but to hang on to them every time.

We can access heavenly wisdom, understanding and knowledge that will be relevant for excelling and triumphing in life through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

Verses 24 – 25:

Today, the world is tormented by fear of the unknown.  Particularly in the last two years of COVID-19, many have been gripped by fear.

Fear comes in different ways. It makes us feel that we are all alone and makes us think that God has abandoned us. But the two verses show us that the Lord is our security, our defense and protector against evil. So, hear this loud and clear, FEAR NOT!

Verses 27 – 28:

When it’s in our capacity to help out another sister or brother or friend, we should never hold back. We should help out when we can within our capacity.

Verse 30:

We must avoid at all costs, fights that have no justifiable basis nor yield any positive outcome that glorifies God. We only end up hurting ourselves and putting the name of Jesus Christ to shame. For instance, if we fight for justice and fairness for others who are marginalized in our society, that’s a good fight but fighting over who is more influential, who is more beautiful, smart, more accepted by others, etc. is completely out of line for a Christian.

Verses 31 – 33:

The Lord who is Father and Lord, is also our Friend that we can trust and rely upon at any time. We should never be envious of the soon-fading success of the wicked.

Now in this dispensation, God who is long-suffering, has given us many opportunities for the world to turn from their wicked and evil ways. If they refuse to repent, destruction awaits them, possibly both here on earth and eternity or just after their time here on earth.

For the upright in Christ Jesus, we have this assurance that the blessing of God is truly upon and in us in all we do.

Verse 34:

The humble will always receive more grace from God to do extraordinary things and be celebrated by all, but the one who continually mocks God, His children, and the supernatural works on the face of the earth and refuses to change will only be mocked by the Lord Himself.

Verse 35:

The chapter ends with the outcome of those of us who choose and seek wisdom. That outcome is honor. If a person decides not to have wisdom, reproach and shame will be that person’s portion.


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