Let’s Talk About It…The Men

Continuing off from last week’s topic on ‘The Single Life’ this week we are focusing more specifically on the men aka the mandem. Over time, I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of visible resources that is targeted specifically to young women to help them become all that God has ordained them to be. But, then one wonders what about the young men? It seems women are more primed and encouraged to work on themselves whilst the men are usually just taught that ‘boys will be boys’. Well, in today’s society one cannot get away with that mentality anymore. I have been actively trying to learn about how men think coming from a family of men; in my father, brothers, uncles, guy friends and now seeing young nephews growing up, this makes me wonder  ‘What does it mean to be a man?‘ Gabe from Project 3:30 and  ‘The Greater Podcast’ gives us some amazing insight into this topic.

Check it out and don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts! Also, connect with Gabe and the guys at Project 3:30 and The Greater podcast!

This week’s topic is on ‘Boyz to Men’

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1. What does the term ‘manhood’ mean to you? 
I think manhood describes the life journey of becoming older as a male. Whatever these experiences include.
2. How do you personally measure transition from a child into a young man? What are the tell-tale signs ?
I think maturity and the handling of responsibility are the measures. I wouldn’t say actual accolades or accomplishments dictate the transition because some people’s paces are different than others, I really think it is about how you handle what you face.
3. In light of the current social climate and police brutality and racism in the Western world towards young black men in particular, how have you navigated through these issues personally?
For me, I have tried my best to not only stay informed but stay connected and supportive. I have experienced the hate that comes from police brutality and racism but I understand it may not be to the same degree as others. It is important to me to stand in unity when fighting against the system that oppresses black people as a whole. I have spent time talking to those close to me and contributing to causes that bring change.
4. What does biblical manhood mean to you? How does it differ from the worldly view of being a man?
I think it all goes to responsibility and stewardship, I look at a lot of the stories in the bible that surround the men and a lot of it alludes to them being responsible for something, whether it was their family or craft. Obedience was a big theme. 
5. What have been some of your highlights and lowlights of transitioning into young adulthood as a man? 
I think the lowlights have been really facing circumstances that were bigger than me. The ones I couldn’t just manipulate and even learn from hard conversations and experiences involving others. Realizing that I had to learn to love and communicate for effective relationships was hard but self-development may have been hardest.

Highlights would be overcoming certain obstacles like finishing undergrad after struggling for 8 years to find myself or the process of getting my first full-time position. The satisfaction that has come with life consistency has been big. 
6. What is one tip or life lessons that has been pivotal in your development?
Life becomes easier when you understand who you are. Learning who you are helps to set your expectations up properly, not only that but your strengths and weaknesses. This can help with friend choices amongst other things.
7. What are some tips you would share with other young men trying to transition successfully into life as a young man?
I think I always illustrate the importance of self reflection as a young man and person. Processing your emotions and what you feel, I think this and embracing discipline are two things I really try to harp on.
8. Lastly, what are some resources, books, podcasts that you would like to share to help build a community of young black men that are confident in themselves and bold to walk in their calling/purpose in life?
I think our podcast, ‘The Greater podcast’ and Project 330 as a whole is a great resource of course. I love the podcast and brand called Moral Revolution, they have good stuff they post but the older sermons from some years ago on their podcast were amazing. Two of my favorite guys from there are Jason Vallatton and Nathan Edwardson. I’ve been really blessed via my old college fellowship to meet some great guys that I have stuck with. Myles Munroe is also an excellent pastor who passed recently but illustrates some great concepts regarding manhood. 
Project 3:30 is a collective of a few local guys (Washington, DC) who love Christ and want to make a difference. Based on the verse John 3:30, they are all about inspiring others to let God be Greater in all aspects of life & culture through content such as visuals, podcasting, events, and more. Their conversations and content hopes to  challenge anyone who encounters it to a lifestyle that’s less about them and more about Jesus.
Check out all their socials @proj330 and their website www.proj330.com for more information!
For the ladies, also check out Gabe’s wife and the amazing community of women she is helping to cultivate on her blogsite
Mo 🙂

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