Let’s Talk About It…pt 2

If you haven’t already, go check Part 1 of the Social Justice topic with Victor from The Alive Podcast. Today his co-host on The Alive Podcast, Tommy will be sharing his thoughts on Social Justice.

Comment your thoughts, views and suggestions and feel free to also connect with Tommy and check out his podcast!

This Week’s topic is on Social Justice

Let's Talk About It (1)

1. What is your current thought about the current situation of the world (Coronavirus, Rape Culture in Nigeria, Race Issues in the Western word & Police Brutality). 

Coloma Vilus, COVID-19, Coronavirus and all its various nomenclature. Personally, the pandemic for me has actually been a time for personal holistic growth. In relation to the world I understand that it has made life for some people a bit challenging and some others created opportunity. It is truly an unprecedented event that no man could have accurately foretold or predicted. The take-away for me whenever it ends God willing, should be using the time available to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I see this event as a test on our faith and to overcome it we have to create a solid relationship with God and trust Him all the way.

Rape culture in Nigeria, race issues in the Western world and Police brutality. I feel these vices should not just be limited to rape culture in Nigeria but there should be more attention to gross violence against women regardless of location, race issues in western world and police brutality as actions fueled by hatred and rage. Regardless, my stand on something as rape culture will be rape of any form, violence or violation of any human being is morally wrong. These actions have the tendency of negatively impacting people (in this case women) in the most devastating way I will never understand. Race issues and police brutality have been vices created from gross abuse of authority, hatred stemming from biases against people due to skin color, gender and race. I feel it is time in Nigeria that we start having an open dialogue communication on the issues of rape culture, readdressing bills that support the current age of consent, proper sex education right from our lower educational institutions. On the topic of race issues and police brutality the approach to that has to also come from a place of open dialogue, redressing a lot of institutionalized biased agendas, yes peaceful protest but I believe more importantly love and understanding. Love is a concept people have really failed to grasp and do not get me wrong it is a very difficult concept to grasp and apply if you are working by your own strength. True agape love and understanding is a gift of the Holy Spirit. He freely gives this if we can start humbling and yielding ourselves to Him.

2. What was your first reaction to these issues even as they are brought to the public forefront at this time?

I honestly did not take the whole COVID situation seriously, I knew of a potential threat of it happening in the World, but I never realized it would have the ripple effect of crippling business, economies, schools, healthcare, government, church, pretty much our regular daily life activities. It has truly been an interesting journey.

Social injustice for me did not really give me an immediate knee reaction because over time these are things that keep recurring and will still occur. I honestly cannot remember a recent time or year when there hasn’t been an issue of gross abuse of people from the #Metoo movement, BlackLivesMatter, Epstein case, World War III and police shootings. These are events that seem to always come up; a constant reminder to me that this world is just my temporary home and I have to take the role of being an ambassador for Christ. The scripture tells us that the earth and heavens shall pass away, but God’s word will never. I have just made my peace that I have to work with the Holy Spirit to ensure I fulfill my God given purpose on earth before I am called home.


3. How has your faith as a Christian shaped your response?

Surprisingly, my faith has actually grown and matured. These unprecedented events actually opened my eyes to see things in a different light. My understanding of the Holy Trinity has grown, and I have come to place where I can truly call the Holy Spirit my friend, mentor, and compass in navigating my life.

4.What do you hope to see happen as a result of this social uproar?

I honestly did not expect the actions that resulted from all social injustice taking place in the world. The positive take from it is that now the oppressors are aware that victims and the oppressed will no longer be silent or silenced.


5. What are some actions you would encourage friends and colleagues to take, both the people that are affected and those that are not impacted directly?

I will encourage my friends to constantly strengthen their spiritual immune system by feeding on the scriptures and spiritual edifying materials. This will bring you closer to God and He will surely direct you on what the appropriate actions to respond to everything going on in the world. I feel this is a race and we already know why many runners get disqualified at the start, it is because they jump the gun. Do not jump the gun with God wait for Him to speak to help direct your steps.

6. What words/verses/resources of hope, encouragement and impact can you share that might have helped you process your thoughts/emotions?

Isaiah 55:7 “Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong. Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy on them. yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously.”

Philippians 4:13 “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

1 John 3:16 “We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

Reading spiritual building books, listening to a podcast that talks on building myself as a whole man and having conversation with family and friends.

Tommy  is an electrical engineer by profession who enjoys reading, comedy, art, podcasting, photography, occasional gaming and conversations with people. If you ever need  a gist buddy, he is your guy! He is also the co-host of TheAlivePodcast (TAP).You can find him on Instagram @its_trizzytoms


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