KIERRA (2020) Album Review

So I recently have been looking for clips on The Clark Sisters due to their recent Lifetime biopic. As I usually do, I went on a YouTube rampage and started to research into who the Clark Sisters are and what they’re all about. Of course I stumbled upon Karen Clark Sheard and I had known of her for a few years as well as her daughter Kierra Sheard but I think I gained a new found respect for her and her ministry. The mother-daughter relationship reminds me of the verse in Psalm 145: 4 which states

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”

Man, what a beautiful thing to leave a godly legacy and start a path that future generations can follow and build their walk with Christ upon. Anyways, in my ‘research’ I discovered Kierra’s new album!


Now don’t get me wrong I had listened and knew of Kierra Sheard here and there but listening to this album gave me a new found admiration for her. As you may know if you’re an avid follower of the blog I love me some Jonathan McReynolds music.


One of the reasons I truly appreciate his music is because of the transparency and authenticity in his songs. His lyrics at times speak directly to the situations in my life as a young adult. The struggles, insecurities and doubts that we all go though he portrays so beautifully, eloquently and without judgement in his music and that is a powerful testimony. It reminds me of the verse that talks about they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony.

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

Revelations 12:11 (NIV)

The ‘him’ referred to here is the accuser that is the voice of insecurity,  feeling like you are not enough and just the general stress of life. We need the Holy Spirit and the power of God to set us free indeed but when ministers like Jonathan McReynolds and now Kierra Sheard can put those victories into song form, we remind ourselves daily of the victory and power we have in Christ Jesus. Our victory occurs in our personal life and it is an inside job which is then carried into our every day living in the way we speak, we think and we relate with others.  Anyways, back to the main topic! I decided to do a quick run down of Kierra’s latest album and share some of my thoughts!

mo' twist

1. Don’t Judge Me ft Missy Elliott

Straight Banger Alert! This song represents to me the saying if you don’t anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I love the video too, you should check it out! But what I love about this is the transparency in which Kierra shares her past mistakes and embarrassing moments, we all have those once in a while!

Fav Lyrics:

‘I did it all for the first time

Made a mistake, but I earned mine I broke it on a one time

I’m glad I did it all my way

Fixed it on a front line

I’m over the pain

If I’m dancing when I wanna (Please don’t judge me) If I’m smiling when I’m under (Please don’t judge me) I just ran through the fire, Please don’t judge me

2. Always Win (Live)

Favourite song right now as a young woman this song is my anthem right now!! I love what Kierra Sheard stands for and I am totally rooting for her! I love how transparent she has been with her journey, her struggles and most importantly her victories (YASSS!).

The lyrics of this song are so powerful backed with a pomp and circumstance style soundtrack, this helps promote the authority in Kierra’s voice makes this a winner for me (pun intended!). Come through funky intro too! The lyrics are also like a declaration over yourself stating that you won’t be swayed or motivated by external validations, rather we set the cultural trends and influence others for the kingdom.


Fav Lyrics:

Let me remind you
As heirs of the King we must hold tight to our faith
You must believe you’re predestined to win this race
And remind yourself

(I change the culture)
(I change trends)
(Society’s pressure will not win)
(Walking in authority, victory, and clarity)
God before me (I always win)
I am a winner (Always win)


3. Better

Fav Lyrics:

Can I give it to you on that real stuff?
I been in a space rolling with some though love
On a hot vibe rolling with the most high
Turbulence is the price you pay to fly high
Pay it up
Pay it up
Gone and fly high


4. Follow ft Todd Dulaney (Live)

This song was dedicated to her grandmother who recently passed away. Man,this song reminds me of godly legacy! If you haven’t yet please go check out  ‘Lessons Learnt from Madam Beatrice‘. The idea of legacy has been quite pivotal in pushing me into purpose and really getting to know this God for myself and choosing to ‘follow’ Him totally, completely and devotedly.

Fav Lyrics:

Yes to Your will

Yes to Your way

Cause I’ve decided to follow You, all my days

Yes to the call I’m not afraid to fall

When I do it Your way

You always saved the day


5. It Keeps Happening (Live)

Kierra keeps dragging edges through this album and this song is one of those edge snatching songs! This song is one of positive declaration and affirmation. Play it at least once a week in the morning to get your day right and get your mind focused and ready to tackle the business of the day because guess what, God’s got your back, and your front and your sides and He is bringing all his promises to pass in your life. Somebody say Amen! (Amen)


Fav Lyrics:

I accept Your blessing
I trust You with my future
Cause Your way of life
It’s the best thing for me


6. Human

This song gives me R’n’B vibes but the lyrics most importantly are very relatable. You ever feel like we all just lose our humanity and forget to offer grace to each other. This song reminds us that we are all HUMAN. Nobody is perfect, no matter how much they may want to persuade you otherwise. Let us be gracious to one another.

Fav Lyrics:

Just because you see me fly

Don’t forget that I am human

So take me off of your own high

Don’t act as if I’m not human

Cause I know that you know what it really means to me

Tryna do the right thing

But I’m only human

And I know that you want me to do it your way

You don’t do it your way Cause we’re only human


8. Grateful

Fav Lyrics:

And it’s simple
It ain’t even really that deep
I’m just grateful
Don’t make it harder than it needs to be
Be grateful


Go check out the rest of the songs on the album!



Mo 🙂

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