Top binge worthy TV Shows from the 90’s

You might be familiar with ‘That 70’s Show’, well in today’s blog, I will be sharing some of my favorite 90’s TV shows.

Living Single

There is a big debate that this show was basically the original Friends and it was ripped off my major networks and marketed to a more Caucasian audience.

Likes: The dynamic of the characters and the great chemistry of the cast members. The theme song which was performed by Queen Latifah is also pretty dope and reminds me of a typical 90’s era soundtrack.


A Different World


Likes: The character development and the rapport of the various characters is very heartwarming especially Dwayne Wayne. Man! The character of Dwayne Wayne should be the poster boy for what growth looks like. And obviously we love a good love story (no spoilers!) Dwayne’s transformation is what you hope happens to you by attending university.


Sister Sister

Likes: The different mishaps the sisters get themselves into and how they navigate out of it while trying to outwit their parents. Sometimes it works out for them but most of the time not quite. It is also pretty interesting to see the physically growth of the sisters on the show as they literally grow up before our eyes.


Likes: Theme Song. The friendship between the crew and just how they always seemed to be there for each other.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Likes: Character Development. Will really transformed before our eyes on screen. His relationship with Uncle Phil is still iconic till today and helps some young men today navigate dealing with their emotions and helps tackle toxic masculinity


Likes: Man o man! The character of Adrian Monk is very interesting to say the least. At time he may come across as slightly annoying but you can’t help but love his character. Moreover, he was my first introduction to mental health on a major TV show. His regular meetings with his therapist can be quite insightful at times as he tells him things that we as an audience can see so clearly, yet Adrian seems oblivious to it. Just goes to show that sometimes talking issues out can be quite helpful.

The Golden Girls

Likes: Apart from the awesome theme song (y’all should check out this amazing remix version), this show displayed the beauty and importance of friendships even in old age. One learns to see the elderly like people with dreams, tendencies and habits just like everybody else.

It’s quite funny I just realized as I was putting this together that all these shows are sitcoms! Lol, I guess laughter really is the best medicine for the soul!

“We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, ‘What amazing things the Lord has done for them.'”

– Psalms 126:2 (NLT)

What are some of your favorite tv shows from the 90’s or just in general?

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