The Last Dance

So Netflix recently released a documentary series on Michael Jordan and the legendary 90’s Chicago Bulls team, who were 6-time NBA champions. I was quite fascinated with the series being a basketball fan, but also being in my Jordan Year, I was hoping to learn some tips and gain a greater insight into the mind of the great player, Michael Jordan who was referenced in the series as “poetry in motion“. I mean, such beautiful words to describe a beautiful man !

Jordan and the Bulls

But honestly, watching the series was quite eye-opening especially to see a young Michael Jordan and just how focused he was. He spoke about first coming into the league and just wanting to prove himself. My mans had a winning mentality and regardless of what his current team was looking like he was determined to stick to his philosophy of playing to win and leaving it all on the court. I don’t really know too much about Jordan and I had somehow always thought he was just too cocky and I couldn’t quite get the hype about him. But, let’s just say I get it now. You cannot help but admire excellence when you see it, and Michael Jordan is an excellent sportsman and businessman. Moreover, one admires the hard work that goes behind the scene and understanding that it takes a team to achieve greatness and success. For example, I was quite intrigued to see how much Jordan was adamant about the presence of Phil Jackson as the coach of the Chicago Bulls. Although, I wasn’t so surprised when I realize that Phil was the mastermind behind the concept of ‘The Last Dance‘, which has become a memorable term in the sports industry.


This then made me think, how it’s quite unfortunate that we won’t be able to witness the amazing Kobe Bryant continue his legendary status in terms of exercising his full potential. For example, training his young daughters to take over the WNBA, in terms of his writing and storytelling as well as his business acumen in general. Although, it is comforting to know he will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame this coming summer with the likes of legendary player Tim Duncan. (Keep an eye out for a June post on embodying the Mamba Mentality #24). Yet Kobe was a man who lived like he was on a mission. He was on a mission to being the very best version of himself and we got to witness only 41 years of that greatness, it was still a great sight to behold.

On a side note, I am amazed by the great ability of sports journalism to paint such a beautiful backstory and introduce an humane side to the players we love to watch and sometimes love to hate. Everybody has a great story and that story can have an impact.  I gotta represent the home team and I am looking forward to watching a cinematic series in the future courtesy of Open Gym (hopefully) on the 2019 championships run by the Toronto Raptors!


Have you seen the Netflix series? What did you think? If you haven’t watched this (you totally should!), but what shows have you been watching ?


Your Generation

Similarly, I recently watched an interview with evangelist Mike Bamiloye and I was in complete awe of how he spoke about his role as a drama minister, and how he felt like he was doing exactly what he was made to do and nothing else would have been the right fit for him.  One of his parting words was that “every youth has a call of God on their life, and that call of God is always for their present generation.”

This low-key reminds me of the end of the verse in Esther 4:14;

“…Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

I have come to the conclusion that there are people doing amazing things out there and that I (and you too!) can also be a part of these people, we just have to continue to #pursuepurpose, and to intentionally work on our craft.

Remembering that whatever that craft may be does not have to necessarily be conventional, as long as it is edifying to people and glorifying to God, then

“Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom”

Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NLT)


The first blog of the year spoke about a revolution and this current pandemic situation might seem to have put a lot of things we had planned on pause. But, I am truly inspired by the lives of these men to keep at it. And ‘It’ refers to whatever it is I am finding my hand to do at this point in time.


Mo 🙂


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