#ExploreCanada (Ottawa Edition)

Living Your Best Life

So if you’ve been keeping up with current trends this past summer, you may have seen a term being passed around known as ‘Hot Girl Summer’. I guess it’s supposed to encourage the ladies to be unapologetic about enjoying their summer and thriving. I find that usually during summer a lot of growth happens for me personally. I think takes me back to being in school and the contrast in the freedom and relaxation associated with the summer months. Summer is the perfect time for #LivingYourBestLife. Well since summer in Edmonton this year has been a bit of a bust, I decided to relive my summer expeditions and attempt a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ recap.

In addition, to celebrate ‘National Mental Day’ happening in October I decided to throwback to one thing that helps me de-stress and keep me mentally refreshed and rejuvenated: Travelling!

Ottawa Adventures with the Fam !

The first location in the summer recap is Ottawa, Ontario.

I was super privileged to have family that reside in the city and was able to spend some time with them as well as visit a few places around the city. 

Tip 1:
Spending time with family and friends really helps you to relive some of the stress you might be going through. Sometimes just talking to those that are closest to you can help offer insight and revelation to a problem you might be having. Remember, a problem shared is a problem half solved (at least shared with the right person…)

Our first stop was downtown Ottawa where we saw a lot of amazing exhibitions and statues celebrating the work of women in the community and within government. In light of the upcoming federal elections coming up this month, it was great to have visited the capital of Canadian politics this past summer. Getting to see Parliament Hill also known was ‘The Hill’ was pretty interesting. It was inspiring to see ‘The Famous Five’ monuments in the heart of downtown Ottawa who advocated for women and children’s rights.

‘Women Are Persons…’


Hanging Out

It was even more monumental to be there with three different generations of young women. As well as to be wearing a shirt from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Looking at the pictures reminds me of the quote (paraphrased):

‘Here’s to strong, creative, compassionate and loving women. May we know them, may we raise them and may we become them.’
Girl On A Mission to Becoming


“Here’s to strong women…May we know them, may we raise them, may we become them”


Smiling is Therapy 🙂
Tip 2:
Surrounding myself with the right energy. Both in terms of friendships and otherwise. I try to make sure the people around me can edify me and I can also edify them. #MutualEdification The bible says ‘Don’t be fooled, bad company corrupts good manners.’ Don’t be a fool and watch the people that feed into you. What you allow into your space can greatly affect and impact  your mental health. 

Then, we took a walk around and located the Rideau Canal. We stood and observed as the ships were brought into the harbor and marveled at the construction of the bay such that we were trying to figure out how the ships were brought in and then let out again. It was pretty fascinating to watch . I could almost picture it back in the day as one of the popular spots for immigrants to land from the British Isles.

Rideau Canal


Chilling by the canal

Later on, we wandered around towards the infamous ByWard Market which was buzzing and very much alive on a  hot, summer afternoon. We located the popular ‘Ottawa’ sign which has featured in many Instagram posts. So guess what? We also had to seize the opportunity and took a range of picture by the sign to commemorate our experience! It’s a top notch spot for taking pictures with family and friends.

Huge thanks to @blackcanadiantravellersfor the tips and recommendations!


Tip 3:
Take lots and lots of pictures! Lol, I don’t know about you o, But I love pictures! Most especially candid and silly pictures. It reminds me of the moment in time and helps bring a smile to my face anytime I look back at pictures I might have taken during a particularly joyous time or just a regular hangout with family or friends. So take lots of pictures. Serious, silly ones, ridiculous and unnecessary pictures! It all makes for great memories and a reminder that things won’t always be doom and gloom.

 Walking around the market itself gave a ‘farmers market’ vibe which was pretty cool and interesting. There were a few stations selling cool souvenirs but majority of the stalls were selling fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Overall it was an amazing experience visiting the city of Ottawa and walking around the famous capital of Canada.

Promoting positive mental awareness

Hope everyone had a great summer and that you all have an even greater fall! Here are some bible verses that help me to promote positive mental health awareness and some that I hope helps you in this month and beyond.

“He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because He delights in me.”
Psalm 18:19 (NLT)
“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But, take heart, because I have overcome the world”
John 16:33 (NLT)

My personal favorite:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline”
2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)


If you require more help and assistance you can start of using the AHS website to get more info and links.



Mo 🙂

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