Life After University series pt. 5

So you have finally finished university and the world seems to be your oyster! So, what’s the next step? First of all congratulations to all graduates it is a great achievement and not a easy feat at all!  I got a few friends to share their experiences and thoughts on life after school, to offer some perspective and encouragement to those in a state of confusion about their next steps and for those who are in eager anticipation of achieving this amazing accomplishment. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing their replies.


Psychology, University of Leicester

1. What were your expectations for life after university?

My expectations was to get relevant  work experience that would help me continue with my development. Also to go out and live life to the fullest as uni was the last ‘necessary’ education. So I felt I am now free to do, explore and live to my desires

2. Were those expectations met?
They are being met at the moment. I am currently in a job where I feel like I am using my degree and continually developing myself in many different ways. I am also financially capable to live to my desires and my whims as and when I want.
3. What would be your advice for those in their final year looking forward to life after school?
I would say the first thing is to make sure the final year ends in the best ever way. Give the final big push, make those sacrifices as that will mean after final year you are not haunted by any mistake in the final year. After that, this is the most important advice. IT WILL TAKE TIME. No matter what you want to do you will have a lot of setbacks and rejections. Life does  not work in the way the school journey does in that you must progress to the next year. You can have months or years of feeling stuck. When this happens you have to trust the process and keep pushing, keep finding things that develop you and make the next chance more likely to happen.

Do not compare yourself to others as everyone has a different journey. If you are comparing, take only positives. How did they do that? What can I do different and how can I apply it to benefit me? Oh, they went to lots of educational socials, let me do that. Oh, they made sure they applied to 3 to 5 jobs per week, let me do that.
4. What is one thing you wish you knew when you were in your final year in order to better prepare you for life after school?

You can feel lost in not knowing what the next stage is. Not everyone is sure, there is no more structure to follow. Take you time, find your own structure and direction because only then will you fully commit to it.

Huge thanks to Peter for sharing his knowledge and experiences. 


Mo 🙂

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