Life After University series pt. 1

So you have finally finished university and the world seems to be your oyster! So, what’s the next step? First of all congratulations to all graduates it is a great achievement and not a easy feat at all!  I got a few friends to share their experiences and thoughts on life after school, to offer some perspective and encouragement to those in a state of confusion about their next steps and for those who are in eager anticipation of achieving this amazing accomplishment. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing their replies.



Biomedical Science, University of Roehampton

1. What were your expectations for life after university?

My expectations for life after university was to:

  •  secure a graduate role within 3 months of graduating
  • have a 25k basic starting salary,
  • live comfortably

I believed that my degree would now set me apart from the masses who didn’t hold a qualification – that was my perception anyway, little did I know I was gravely mistaken.

2. Were those expectations met?
Absolutely not! I did a lot of soul searching and self development. I had to unlearn a lot of things in terms of how the world works, how money works and how society works. My major takeaway from university has been that:
“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune” 
3. What would be your advice for those in their final year looking forward to life after school?
Always, always, always have a plan B. Never solely rely on your qualification(s)/degree, because you may end up being very disappointed like I was. It is super competitive out there. You MUST have a side hustle or side project that will ultimately become your main focus in the future – Work full time on your job and part time on your fortune so that you can eventually work full time on your fortune.
4. What is one thing you wish you knew when you were in your final year in order to better prepare you for life after school?
Information is FREE. Be curious and proactive enough to go out there and seek it. If you seek, you will find. If you ask, you will get the answer. Do not rely on what you’re solely taught in school.
Three things I wish I learned in my final year to prepare me for the real world:
  • how money worked
  • how taxes work
  • the importance of credit
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Huge thanks to Abdul for sharing his knowledge and experiences. Don’t forget to reach out to him and follow him if his story resonates with you!


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