Mid Year Review


So we are well past the middle of the year now and if you are a thinker like myself you are evaluating to some extent how the year has been thus far. Checking to see if you’ve met up to the expectations you set for yourself at the start of the year.  Not that I have deeply reflected like that, but recent news on the sudden death of the 20 year old Disney actor, Cameron Boyce has really hit me. I didn’t particularly know him or follow his career so much, but I had seen him in a few movies such as Grown Ups and I knew him from the Disney channel and such. I remember randomly glancing through his Instagram page and immediately loving his energy, his vibe and his whole aura. He seemed like someone who was genuinely passionate about others. He was involved with various charity organizations and seemed to attend a lot of charity events. I admired how unapologetic he was about loving his family and friends. He regularly  posted pictures with his friends as well as his family (his mum, dad and his younger sister Maya). Thus imagine my shock seeing a random post about his death and being in total disbelief. I had to check and double check several times. It seemed surreal to me.

This also reminded me of the writer and speaker Wynter Pitts. She is the founder of the organization ‘For Girls Like You‘ where she aims to equip young girls with knowledge and confidence in their identity in Christ so they can be all that they need to be on earth. I had seen her in  her cousin’s (Chrystal Evan Hurst) Youtube video, yet the impact of her death impacted me somehow. I was deeply moved and encouraged by her family’s response and their strength in the midst of such an unexpected tragedy.

In Philippians 3, Paul describes the overwhelming desire to know Christ and to forego legalistic ways of thinking and relating with God.  His view and unrelenting pursuit of God can be summed up in this verse:


This is the same Paul that had suffered so much for the gospel of Christ. He had spoken to a range of people and shared the good news about Jesus to a wide variety of audiences and people. Yet, it was almost like he hadn’t achieved much. While taking a moment to review this year and celebrate the successes, learn from the failures and readjust our priorities in order to achieve our goals let us not forget that our ultimate goal is still to bring glory to God. That means whatever great and lofty ideas we might have had since the start of this year; do not fear, just go for it. I saw a meme recently which stated


Well, to this I say; 2020 is 6months away, don’t waste your OWN time.


Mo 🙂



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