Know Thyself

So I recently read a post on Instagram on taking personality tests (These days,  I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram) . The writer spoke about the clarity and the sense of acceptance she felt realizing that she wasn’t strange to feel the way she felt at times. I have come to understand that knowledge about something makes us less fearful. Self-knowledge allows us to act from a place of wisdom and insight such that we understand ourselves and why we act the way we do. It helps us navigate relationships as well as life in general.

Do You Know Thineself??


If one is not careful this world and the people in it will pigeonhole you into a certain ideal. Unless we validate ourselves and avoid chasing after the validation of human beings we can never be truly satisfied. Human beings are so fickle and their intentions not always pure so how can we trust what someone tells us we are. Jeremiah 17:9 (AMP) states;

‘The heart is deceitful above all things. And it is extremely sick; who can understand it fully and know its secret motives?”

Fam, I am shook. Those are very heavy words to use. Yet it can be true at times. But we know that human beings are also malleable. Our hearts can be changed if we do not conform to the standards of the world but being transformed by the renewal of our minds and the changing of our hearts. As a self-professed people pleaser, choosing to please people over choosing to please God is a very slippery slope. The only way is down to be honest. Therefore, chose wisely. Know yourself and continue to work on yourself.

Wisdom Directs

The bible also states that wisdom is profitable to direct. A wise and practical thing in the process of getting to ‘know yourself’ is to take a personality test. I personally have taken the MBTI– test and found the results quite astounding. I find that it’s a good first indicator to understanding why we all behave the way we do. The concluding statement for my personality type states this:


To some extent this explains to me why I am so into personal growth and actively dedicated to seeing myself and those around me grow!

Although, it also explains to some extent other negative traits such as being enigmatic.

(Enigmatic: difficult to interpret or understand) Lol, you have to learn to keep people on their toes you know. Only the real ones get to know…loool okay now I’m speaking in parables! Anyways, the gist is that once you know yourself you are confident in your identity and cannot be swayed by outside opinions. So when I say #GeekIsTheNewCool that’s just what it is.


I pray for everyone seeking to find identity and discover who they are and all that God has called them to be.
May God continue to reveal Himself to us and reveal who He has made us to be. May He grant us the grace to boldly and intentionally pursue that purpose He has given us, and thus exhibit the identity He has prepared for us. May we be strengthened to make the necessary changes and adjustments, if needed, to manifest our true identity in Jesus name we pray.


Mo 🙂

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